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Flint Flush Cleaning Tool
for breeches up to 1-7/16",
without spillage
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Black Powder residue can bleach and etch your gun stock finish. Our tool allows proper flushing, without spillage.

Thoroughly clean your flint gun, and flush the breech, without removing your vent liner. Simply remove your flint lock. Install the clamp, with the O-Ring centered over the vent.

Place the bottom nozzle in a container of water. Add only one drop of liquid detergent to each quart of water.

Place a wet cotton flannel cleaning patch on the muzzle, and slowly wipe the bore, using your ramrod and cleaning jagged tip. Air will be expelled as you press the ramrod down. Water will be drawn in, as you pull the rod, slowly, without removing it from the barrel.

Grasp the muzzle with a cloth, to catch any drips. Pump the ramrod up and down the bore, slowly. After several cycles, change to clean warm water, with no detergent, for a final flush.

Our Flint Flush Cleaning Tool will fit small barrels and large barresl, up to 1-7/16" round or octagon, including the big 10 gauge guns, First Model Brown Bess.

The large rubber o-ring works well with White Lightin' vent liners, Ampco vent liners, Stainless vent liners, hex vent liners, Caywood coned vents, traditional drilled vents, and original Nock's patent inside coned vents.

The clever brass clamp is precision machined to fit securely, and make a good seal, without marking your gun, and without slipping off the breech. Made of brass, our Flint Flush Cleaning Tool includes the fexible clear tubing, and the weighted nozzle end. You will also need a screwdriver to dismount the lock, a toothbrush to clean the lock interior, a container for warm water (a bucket, coffee can, or plastic milk jug), warm water, liquid detergent, cleaning patches, and rust preventing oil. We use and recommend our Ox-Yoke brand cotton flannel patches, and our Birchwood Casey SHEATH rust preventive oil, sold separately.

We manufacture this popular flush kit, always in stock, for same day shipment!
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