Flint Flash Guard,
two points of contact, unmarked, iron
Part Number: FLASH-GD-2-UN-I
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Price: $8.99
These iron flash guards, protect the shooter next to you from overspray vented from your flash hole. This flash guard is shaped with a long arm to provide two contact points. Reshape, or alter as needed. This protection is required at most-re-enactments, where flint shooters may stand and fire volleys shoulder-to-shoulder.

.055" steel, it may be bent with hand tools to fit many different locks. Predrilled with a .21" diameter to fit under an outside mounted frizzen screw. Use this nice flash guard on your flint musket, larger rifle, or fowler lock, such as a trade musket lock.

This is the unmarked version. Also available with a "fleur-de-lis" cartouche for French muskets and the English "Crown" mark over the letters "GR" for "Georgius Rex" (King George), which is ideal for your Brown Bess.
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