Solingen 8 piece chisel set, our 8 best chisels, gouges, and spoons
Part Number: CHISEL-SET-8
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Price: $209.99
Our eight (8) best chisels, gouges, and spoons. A set of two small "V" gouges, two small deep round gouges, a small skew chisel, a small shallow round gouge, and two (2) popular spoons.

The set includes our chisels: #CHISEL-75-8C 8mm spoon, #CHISEL-75-8B 8mm spoon, #CHISEL-7404 4mm skew, #CHISEL-7103 3mm V gouge, #CHISEL-7105 5mm V gouge, #CHISEL-7302 2mm deep round gouge, #CHISEL-7306 6mm deep round gouge, #CHISEL-7506 6mm shallow gouge.

Stroke the edges over a fine stone before and during use. Protect the tip with a wine cork, balsa block, or styrene foam during storage.
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