Bent inletting chisel,
3/8" blade,
forged in the U.S.A.
Part Number: CHISEL-BC-38
Availability: Out of Stock, request notification when available.
Price: $13.99
American made Gun Stock Maker’s Chisels. Forged in the U. S. A. for gunmakers, these chisels are made of tempered 1095 high carbon spring steel. Hardened to produce a fine grain structure, 1095 steel has finer grain, greater hardness, and can be whetted to a sharper edge than steels which contain nickel or chrome. Each tool is individually hand ground and filed to shape, flame hardened, tempered and ready to hone.

The bent blade chisel presents the edge at a convenient angle, to cut those hard to reach places in the lock mortise, and to square the barrel channel behind the plug and tang. It is important to achieve a good fit behind the barrel, as this area absorbs recoil. Bent blade chisels have the edge ground square across.
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