Cartridge Case,
.45-70 Government,
unprimed brass,
correct head stamp,
2.1", by Starline,
250 pieces
Part Number: CASE-45-70-PACK-250
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Price: $122.00
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Not available for export outside the U.S.A.
Cartridge case for .45-70 Government. This unprimed brass has the correct .45-70 head stamp. This straight wall brass case is 2.1", made in the USA by Starline.

For match competitors, target shooters, and long range rifle marksmen, our quantity pricing is our best deal. Serious reloaders should order at least 220 cartridges, all the same brand and lot, to eliminate the variation between case brands. We often shoot 100 or more shots per day, and up to 200 shots or more, over a two day weekend event. Order 10 or 20 spare cases of the same brand and lot, since you will eventually loose or damage a few brass cases.

First issued by the U. S. Goverment in 1873, the .45-70 Government is our most popular long range black powder cartridge. We offer bullets, moulds, dies, reloading tools, loading manuals, and everything you need to load and shoot the .45-70 Government accurately.

Track staff members are shooters. We load, shoot, clean, and enjoy our Starline brass cases. They are precision made, a long term investment in quality.

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