U.S. Pattern 1817 Ball Puller,
fits any .45 caliber or larger bore,
with 10-32 male thread
Part Number: BP-1817-10-M
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Price: $12.99
Our U.S. Pattern 1817 musket ball puller is hand forged. Use it in any .45 caliber or larger bore. The 10-32 male thread will fit your ramrod tip.

The extra length will give you a better grip on your ramrod.

Stuck ball? No powder? Our first technique is to "prime" the bore, feeding a small amount of FFFFg under the nipple or into the vent hole. Firing a tiny load is usually the easiest way to clear the bore.

Safety first! If the ball is stuck halfway down the barrel, do NOT try to fire the gun. Push the ball to the breech, first, and after every failed attempt to clear the bore. Else you may "ring" or bulge the bore.

Remove any cap, remove any flint, open the frizzen or place the percussion hammer down. Don't stand in front of a loaded gun!

Pull the ball? Pour two squirts of Track's Best Bore Clean down the bore. Allow it to soak 30 minutes, not longer. Decant the liquid, and pull the ball. Our Bore Clean Solvent will turn that hard crusty fouling into slippery lubricant, and wick it's way past the patch in 30 minutes or less.

Store this dandy 1817 pattern ball puller in your patch box. We recommend that you order the whole set: our #TOOL-TURN-U screwdriver, and our #WORM-1817-10-M.
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