Rifles of the American Indians,
by Ryan R. Gale, Larry Ness, Gary Mikelson
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Rifles of the American Indians by authors Ryan R. Gale, Larry Ness, and Gary Mikelson is our newest work on the subject of Native American rifles.

Filled with hundreds of full color images of dozens of original trade and treaty rifles, this book's wide 11" landscape format allows images up to 22" across the gutter.

This books allows the reader to learn how trade rifles were made, distributed, and used throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, how they evolved, and how they effected the lives of the American Indians.

Chapters include:
  • Introduction
  • Private Trade Rifles, 1780-1860
  • Trade Rifles of the Fur Trading Companies
  • Trade and Treaty Rifles of the British and Colonial American Governments
  • Trade and Treaty Rifles of the United States Government
  • Private Trade Rifles, 1865-1900
  • Ammunition and Accouterments
  • Notes
  • Bibliography

Includes detailed, color photographs of dozens of American gun builders, such as; Henry Leman, C. Gumph, J.J. Henry, Jacob Dickert, and others from across the eastern United States. British Ordnance rifles and their suppliers are also covered in this great book.

Learn how these unique firearms were made, distributed, modified, and used by the Native Americans. The reader will also be delighted by information on ammunition and various accouterments.

Research reveals who made the firearms, traded, and gave them to the Native Americans. Each rifle has detailed information with measurements. Gun builders will enjoy the specs given for each rifle indicating overall length, trigger reach, drop of butt, and barrel dimensions. Measurements for patchbox details, sight locations, ramrod pipe distances, and lock markings will also be of great benefit to those wishing to recreate these trade rifles.

Readers will enjoy looking over the invoices and correspondences between the gun builders and the trade companies. A comprehensive list, by year, is included showing the number of rifles ordered by The Office of Indian Affairs.

A must-have for the historic gun builder, each firearm has multiple close-up views of special markings on the locks and barrels. Small details for each rifle are explained and photographed, providing valuable insights.

Information is included about the ammunition and accouterments, powder horns, jags, and ball molds that were traded to the Native Americans.

Photographed, researched, written, and artistically arranged by noted author and photographer Ryan R. Gale, this full color book is soft bound, with 141 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9765797-6-2

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