Plains Indian Knife Sheaths,
Materials, Design & Construction,
by Alex Kozlov
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Recreate a correct Plains Indian Knife Sheath, using this marvelous how-to book of patterns, techniques, and historical photographs of American Indians and their knives.

Based on over 25 years of research and craftsmanship, the author describes the many styles and variations of Plains sheaths. This book is loaded with complete step-by-step instructions, and full color illustrations.

The detailed illustrations show common and atypical sheath shapes, bead patterns, construction techniques, and beaded drops.

Dozens of full color images of hand made sheaths by the author, as well images of original sheaths are shown.

The many original photographs of Natives and their knives will bring hours of enjoyable study.

Crafters can use this book to reproduce sheaths that are unique, yet historically accurate. A superb resource for the crafter, collector, and Native American researcher.

Printed in full color, this sof bound volume of 64 pages of photos and illustrations is printed on fine paper.

Order Plains Indian Knife Sheaths, Materials, Design & Construction, by Alex Kozlov. ISBN: 1-929572-05-0.
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