Gun Craftsmanship Manuals - 8 Piece Set
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This set includes the following manuals by master gunsmith Kit Ravenshear:

Craft and Practice - Part 1: Re-conversion, Screw Threads, Assembling Locks, etc. 20 pages.

Craft and Practice - Part 2: Ramrods, Pipes, Sheet Metal Work, Top Jaw Screws, etc. 25 pages.

Metalwork - Part 1: Cleaning, Hardening, Ageing & Colouring, etc. 17 Pages.

Metalwork - Part 2: Disassembly, Joining, Castings and Locks, etc. 20 pages.

Woodwork - Part 1: Stock Making, Inletting, Shaping, etc. 14 pages.

Woodwork - Part 2: Decoration, Finishing and Repairs, etc. 19 pages.

Simplified V Springs: The basics, the shaping, repairs and alterations, hardening and tempering, etc. 20 pages.

Tubes and Tools: Barrels, Barrel Work: The Workshop & Tools, etc. 22 pages.

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