The Great Northwest Fur Trade,
a material culture, 1763-1850
artifacts and guns of the early fur trade,
photographed in beautiful full color,
by Ryan R. Gale
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NEW from Track of the Wolf publishing The Great Northwest Fur Trade, A material culture, 1763-1850, by Ryan R. Gale.

A comprehensive guide to the material culture of the British, Canadian, and American fur traders and American Indians between 1763 and 1850.

Brimming with full colored photographs of original artifacts, drawings and paintings. Chapters include:

A variety of trade goods are examined and discussed such as firearms, ammunition, beads, blankets, silver, tools, kettles, cutlery, tobacco, and more!

Includes an in-depth look at the canoes, boats, and ships that transported men, furs, and trade goods between Europe and the North American interior.

Learn about the voyageurs and officers, what they wore, the tools they used, their arms, and what few personal items they brought with them into the interior.

The voyageurs' and officers' diet is examined in detail as well as their cooking and eating utensils and medical practices.

Artifacts and paintings from dozens of private collectors, museums, and institutes are included such as the Hudson's Bay Company collection, Museum of the Fur Trade, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Grand Portage National Park, Fort Michilimackinac, Royal Ontario Museum, and more!

The many artifacts are complimented by the fur traders' and other period observers' own words, gleaned from a score of original journals, books, and official company records.

Extensively footnoted with bibliography and glossary of fur trade terminology.

This book is a must have for the fur trade historian, re-enactor, collector, and artist.

Soft bound with 169 pages in large 11" x 8-1/2" landscape format, full color photos and illustrations up to 22" across-the-gutter, by author and photographer Ryan R. Gale.
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