A Guide to the Maynard Breechloader

by George J. Layman
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One of the most cherished single-shot breechloading arms of the last century was without question those of the Maynard family. From the Civil War until well in the the 1890's, this was one of the few firearms that spanned the percussion era into the period of the self-contained metallic cartridge.

The reader will note that emphasis is placed upon the Models 1873 and 1882, since during their production the Maynard won its greatest admiration from shooters. Maynard breechloading firearms, whether percussion or rim- and center-fire versions, were long considered "sleepers" among collectors. In spite of their somewhat quaint appearance when sided next to a Sharps or Remington Rolling Block, these fine little breachloaders have come into a class of their own. When the resurgence of black powder cartridge shooting. Maynards are once again winning matches on target ranges with identical precision performed a century or so ago. Softbound, 148 pages, illustrated.

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