Fur Trade Book Set: A Toast to the Fur Trade & The Great Northwest Fur Trade
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The Great Northwest Fur Trade, A Material Culture, 1763-1850: Author Ryan Gale has created a comprehensive guide to the material culture of the British, Canadian and American fur traders and American Indians between 1763 and 1850. This book encompasses the beginning of the British dominance over the fur trade, the escalating Canadian and American competition and the eventful decline. Though there is an emphasis on the two major fur trade companies, the Hudson's Bay and North West Companies, several others that played important roles are included. Gale's hope for this book is to further the study of the northwest fur trade material culture by providing it with a visual reference using up-to-date technology as well as first hand accounts from survivors. Soft cover, 169 pages.

A Toast to the Fur Trade, A Picture Essay on Its Material Culture: This is an outstanding sketchbook of the fur trade, the origin of its demand, the barters, transporters, traders, trading places, gatherings, personal belongings and accidents. The voyageur and fur trade enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy this book that is filled with over 150 detailed illustrations. Author Robert Wheeler demonstrates the importance of bringing together the object or artifact with other sources of history to better understand the past. Hardcover, 120 pages.

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