British Single Shot Rifles, Volume 6
Webley, Kynock & Eley

by Walter G. Winfer
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The sixth volume of the series covers the Webley company, its history and the companies that were combined to make the firm. Also covered in detail are the rifles produced: the Scott-Field Webley-Wyley, Model of 1897 and the famous Model of 1902. Webley was, during the late 1800s and early 1900s the largest British manufacturer of sporting arms. This is not widely known because Webley was a wholesale maker and most of their production carries a retailer's name. This story and the various models, of single shot rifles that Webley produced will be studied in detail.

The remaining sections of this volume cover a little know rifle, the Ingram-Coster of 1897 of which only one is known. The history of the two major makers of British ammunition. Eley and Kynock as well as their activities and developments from black powder days, through Cordite and its problems and the development of Nitro for black loads comprises the balance of the book. Also included is a large section devoted to additional information and corrections of material covered in the previous five volumes.

Hardcover 311 pages, black and white illustrations, color photos.

The Table of Contents includes the following:

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