Parker Brothers shotgun lock bolt, antique 8-36 odd thread, .235" diameter .100" thick head, 1.470" length, for the hammer breech loading No. 3 action.
Part Number: BOLT-L-8-36-PARKER-3
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Price: $9.99
An exact copy of the lock bolt from the Parker Brothers breechloading hammer double shotgun, this bolt is threaded to fit the original antique 8-36 thread, with .235" diameter .100" thick head, about 1.470" length.

Made by Track of the Wolf, Inc., in the USA. this slotted screw may find use in the restoration of other antique double shotguns where the lock bolt has antique style fine threads.

This bolt fits the Parker Bros. No. 3 action, and we have tested it in 12 gauge and 10 gauge guns with success.

Also see our #SHOT-SHELL-10-2-7/8 brass 10 gauge shot shells, 2-7/8" length for Parker Brothers 10 gauge shotguns. Load these with #WAD-9-A over powder card, #WAD-9-C cushion wad, #WAD-9-B over shot card. Load these with standard large pistol primers, and GOEx black powder.
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