Spearpoint Paring Stainless Steel Knife Blade Blank,
3" blade,
by Russell ~ Green River, U.S.A.
Part Number: BLADE-SPEAR-03
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Price: $13.99
The Spearpoint Paring Knife blank will make a handy small knife. Features a 3" blade, with a 7" overall length. Forged from .062" thick stainless steel by America's oldest cutlery, Russell Green River, for I.R.T. Properly tempered to sharpen quickly and hold an edge.

Blade is 3", with a overall length of 7". Forged from .062" thick stainless steel.

We recommend three (3) #RIVET-5 brass rivets. Use our Piloted Counterbore to seat the rivet heads flush with the surface. Order our #DRILL-PCB-5.
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