North West Cartouche Blade,
6" edge, forged carbon steel, 9" overall,
by Russell Green River, U.S.A.
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The "cartouche" knife was one of the most popular trade knives in the American and Canadian fur trade from the 1760s to the 1850s and was originally made by such cutlers as Benjamin Fenton of Sheffield, England, and J. Russell & Co. These knives were offered throughout North American by the Hudson's Bay Company, North West Company, American Fur Company, and others. Our north west cartouche blade was copied from an original found on the site of a North West Company fur post in central Minnesota and has been faithfully reproduced for us by Russell Green River, U.S.A..

The knife has a 6" blade and is 9" overall. Forged from .0625" thick carbon cutlery steel. The blade is etched on one side with the 'Cross -L' mark found on many original English trade knives. The handle has three 3/32" holes to fit your 3/32 steel or brass pins.

The short 3" handle is a signature feature of the cartouche knife and makes it ideal for use as a neck knife or patch knife. The handles of the originals were typically made of bone, horn, or various hardwoods. We offer buffalo horn, bleached bone, and a variety of wood scales for handles.

Use 3/32" steel or brass pins to attach the handles. Order our #DRILL-3/32.
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