Perma Color Firearm Case Coloring Kit,
three 1 oz. liquid bottles, nine applicators,
by Birchwood Casey
Part Number: BC-PERMA-CCK
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Birchwood Casey Perma Color Firearm Case Coloring Kit is specially formulated to create a case colored effect without the risk and expense of traditional case color hardening. Perma Color is great for receivers, triggerguards or any steel firearm parts that you would like a case colored appearance. This product will NOT work on aluminum, zinc, brass, or stainless steel.

Instructions: Metal preparation is the key to getting the best results with Perma Color Firearm Case Coloring Kit. Any gouges, pits, or scratches may be accentuated after applying Perma Color. To avoid these, use and even 300-600 grit finish on your work piece; this will yield best results. Perma Color will still work on matte and highly polished surfaces; but will show best with the suggested 300-600 grit finish. Degrease with Birchwood Casey Cleaner Degreaser before application and avoid contacting the metal with ungloved hands.

Practice apply Perma Color to a sample piece of steel to first establish and application technique and get a feel for how the product works. Case coloring is random in appearance, keep this in mind when applying Perma Color. A good starting technique is to apply Perma Color with the included Swauber Applicators in a circular motion across your work piece, concentrating on the same area will change the coloration.

The Perma Color solutions can be applied in any order. A good starting point is to try Dark Iridescent followed by Indigo Iridescent and then Multicolor Iridescent while neutralizing in between each application. Neutralize the applied solution on the work piece with water in between and before the applications and after the last application, blot dry with a soft cloth or blow dry with clean, dry, compressed air. Perma Color must be protected with and automotive grade clear coat. Any clear coat obtained at an automotive supplier or hardware.supplier will be sufficient. If you are not going to apply clear coat immediately after the last Perma Color application you must use a rest preventative such as Rig #2, or Birchwood Casey Barricade to prevent flash rust which can form withing minutes.

If you make a mistake or do not like your results you can easily remove Perma Color by re-polishing or using Birchwood Casey Blue and Rust Remover.
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