Barrel, 20 gauge,
36" octagon-to-round,
smooth bored, crowned,
threaded for 3/4-16 plug
Part Number: BBL-20-36
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Price: $200.00
Tapered octagon-to-round 20 gauge smoothbore barrel, exclusively from TrackĀ®

Our 20 gauge barrel is our most popular octagon-to-round barrel, offered in a 36" or 42" length. Both sizes are identical, except for length, and other lengths may be ordered up to 42" at small extra cost.

Our 20 gauge 36" barrel exactly fits Track's own pre-inlet stocks:

Our 20 gauge barrel also fits certain other brands of pre-inlet stocks: Pecatonica River Longrifle Company's North West Trade Gun stock.

Installation is easy. Align the barrel wedding band with the wedding band visible in Track's barrel inletting. Square the area behind the breech and tang, hand cutting straight down, until the barrel seats fully down.

Unlike cheap tapered octagon-to-round barrels turned from surplus shotgun barrel blanks, our barrels are made to our exact pattern, on precision CNC machinery. Our barrels fit our pre-inlet stocks quite well, almost a snap fit, greatly speeding assembly. Choose our octagon-to-round 20 gauge barrel, and one of our our pre-inlet stocks, to eliminate the tedious hand work of barrel inletting.

Our 20 guage barrel is smooth .615" cylinder bore, 1" octagon at the breech, threaded for our 3/4-16 plug, with .550" thread depth. The tapered octagon breech is over 12" long, with the front 4" fading to 16 sides. A double wedding band, at the transition to round, is followed by a single wedding band 3" forward. Muzzle is .815" diameter. In-the-white, the barrel is not marked with our brand or caliber stamp. Any flat may be top, to simplify plug installation. See our #LABOR-BP breech plug installation labor option, which includes do-it-yourself instructions.

Weight is 3.8 pounds, before you install plug, lugs, or sights.

Cylinder bored, we recommend lead or bismuth shot, or patched lead round balls, in this highly polished bore. Order .600" balls and .010" patches, or .610" balls to load in military style paper cartridges.

Order 20 gauge fiber wads, over-powder cards, over-shot cards, 5 pounds of #4 lead buckshot, and a case of FFg powder.
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