Mohawk Belt Axe,
2-1/4" blade, with handle,
wax cast 4140 steel alloy,
made in the U. S. A.
Part Number: AXE-MOHAWK
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Price: $45.00
The belt axe head is wax cast of strong 4140 alloy steel. It measures 4-7/8" long with a 2-1/4" cutting surface. The edge has been differential hardened, tempered, and sharpened. Edge hardness is Rc 40 - 45 to allow resharpening with fine cut file. The steel head has not been buffed or polished.

The carved hickory handle is 14" long, with a curved grip. Some assembly is required. The handle requires splitting (with a fine saw or hack saw blade) to allow inserting a wedge to secure the head.

Extra hickory handles are available. Order a spare #HANDLE-MOHAWK.

Not used for competition throwing, only a true tomahawk, with a tapered "pick axe" style handle inserted from the top, should be thrown.

This belt axe is made for camp work, chopping, cutting kindling, driving small pegs, and other chores. It is a trekker's best friend.

Blacksmiths: further hardening is not necessary, not recommended, but is a frequently asked question. If you elect to harden it further, use the widely published quenching and tempering times and temperatures for SAE 4140 steel, not temper colors.
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