Bedding compound, Acraglas Epoxy Gel, by Brownell's, non-flammable for export
Part Number: ACRAGEL-EX
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Price: $36.99
Experienced gunsmiths may prefer Brownell's Acraglas Gel epoxy bedding compound.

Not really thicker than the liquid, but rather it is a gel, which stays where you put it. Try this new gel formula on your next gun repair, or target rifle barrel bedding project.

You mix the resin gel, hardener, pigment, and glass fiber, as needed, per Brownell's instructions, included. Includes release agent.

Great for high strength repairs of modern and muzzle loading stocks. Fills minor inletting errors. Fine original guns should be restored using traditional methods, only. Consult a knowledgable collector before refinishing any antique gun.

Non-flammable, suitable for export.
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