Antique Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle Colt Alteration,
.58 caliber, 33" barrel,
percussion, walnut, brass, long range sight,
E. Whitney 1850 production date on lock
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The Model 1841 U.S. Percussion Rifle is also known as the "Mississippi Rifle" due to the use of the rifle by a Mississippi regiment under the command of Jefferson Davis during the Mexican War. It is estimated that nearly 70,000 of these rifles were produced by a combination of the Harpers Ferry arsenal and various contractors. Originally manufactured in 1850 by E. Whitney as a .54 caliber, this musket bore was recut at the Colt factory to .58 caliber for possible use during the American Civil War. Colt also added the long range rear sight with two folding leafs at the time the bore was recut. The bore is bright, clean, and in well maintained condition. Colt was also contracted to add a saber bayonet adapter and replace the ramrod with a all steel version with tulip tip for a .58 Minie ball. This rifled musket does not have either of these alterations. Trigger reach is 13-1/2", and this rifle weighs 9.0 pounds.

The .58 caliber tapered round 33" barrel is rifled with three wide lands and grooves. The bore is bright, and in exceptional condition for its age. The breech end of the barrel is marked US over an inspector's mark J.P.C. over the V over P proof mark. The top of the tang is stamped 185?, we could not make out the last number. The barrel exterior has aged to a brown-gray patina. The barrel is fitted with a small brass blade front sight and a long range rear sight was added at the Colt factory when the barrel was re-rifled from .54 caliber to .58 caliber. The fixed middle sight is marked 100 on the top. The rear folding leaf is marked 300 and the forward leaf is marked 500.

The the stock shows many pressure dents and marks from over 150 years of handling and use, but has not been sanded or refinished. We note a 1/2" hairline crack extending back from the tip of breech plug tang. There is also a hairline crack extending from the rear lock bolt forward to the barrel channel. An inspector's cartouche mark is located on the side panel, and another is found on the left side of the buttstock, the initials are not clear enough to read due to pressure dents in the stock. A large 2 is stamped in the side panel. The brass patchbox is retained with three steel screws, and the door opens to reveal a deep cut cavity. The stock is fitted with a brass buttplate with rounded comb that is marked US. The flat end and simple comb shape are a common mid-19th century military fashion to simplify the fitting of this often difficult to fit part. The toe is rounded in military fashion, and the bottom of the buttplate stands proud of the stock due to wood shrinkage. The brass triggerguard is fitted with a sling swivel. The front barrel band is fitted with a matching sling swivel. No sling is included with this rifle. The steel ramrod has a flared brass tip and the threads on the opposite end are no longer in serviceable condition. A long thin brass sideplate is inlet flush with the side panel with two lock bolts that pass through to engage the lock on the opposite side.

The percussion lock has a strong mainspring and functions as it should. The lock plate has aged to the same brown patina as the barrel. The plate is marked N. HAVEN / 1850 in two lines on the tail. It is also marked E. WHITNEY / U.S. in two lines. A standard 5/16-24 musket nipple is fitted to the bolster, and is in serviceable condition. The single trigger provides a smooth release of the lock.

This antique 1841 Mississippi rifle is excellent condition with a bright bore. This musket was re-rifled to .58 caliber by the Colt factory and is fitted with a long range rear sight. This rifle will make a wonderful addition to any military arms collection. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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