Antique Pennsylvania Smoothrifle,
.52 caliber smoothbore, 38-1/2" swamped barrel,
percussion, maple stock with repairs, brass,
antique patina, unsigned
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This antique Pennsylvania longrifle is fitted with a swamped octagon barrel, stocked in maple and trimmed in brass furniture. The Ashmore percussion lock is mated to a drum and nipple. The overall style of the rifle is a very utilitarian "barn, or schimmel" rifle. The swamped barrel and furniture style would indicate that the rifle was assembled from older recycled parts with a percussion lock. Even so it has many repairs to the stock with the upper lock panel and forend being replaced. Trigger reach is 13", which is very common for antique rifles, and the weight is 7.5 pounds.

The swamped octagon barrel is 38-1/2" from breech to muzzle. The swamped profile is thickest at the breech, tapers to a narrow waist, and flares at the muzzle. The .52 caliber bore has visible pitting and rough patches over the length of the barrel with a repeated pattern that appears to be from drilling to the current smoothbore diameter. The barrel has very low period front sight and flat top rear sight dovetailed in a raised dovetail 6-1/2" ahead of the breech. the breech plug has a pointed tang with single tang bolt.

The stock has many handling marks and dings from over 100 years of use. The stock was finished with a dark shellac to help disguise some of the repairs. The buttstock has a very slender profile in mid to late 19th century profile. The brass buttplate has a gentle curve to engage the shooter's shoulder. The buttplate has filled holes from previous mounting screws. The wood behind the hammer near the breech has been replaced due to erosion from repeated cap flash. The stock has a crack from the front of the lock panel angling toward the barrel channel. The forend of the stock has a visible splice 2-1/2" ahead of the ramrod entry pipe. The forend of the stock the muzzle cap, and two forward ramrod pipes all appear to be later replacements. The ramrod is a modern replacement with no tips installed.

The toe of the stock is protected with a toeplate tacked to the stock. The brass has aged to a dark patina. The triggerguard is secured to the stock with a pin and a screw, typical of early longrifles. The brass triggerguard has aged to a dark patina. The bow has a spoon on the offset grip rail. Forward on the rifle the ramrod pipes have aged to a dark patina. The ramrod entry pipe has some engraved lines, while the forward pipes are blank. A small square cheek is formed on the left side of the buttstock. The side panel is fitted with a small brass sideplate tacked to the stock. The lock bolt is a modern replacement. There is no evidence of a forward bolt, typical of earlier rifles.

The percussion lock has some typical period style engraving and is marked R. Ashmore Warranted. The hammer is decorated with period engraving. The tumbler has a half cock and full cock notch and a swivel link to the mainspring. The fly in the lock has been removed, which is not required on a single trigger. The lock plate and breech have some textured patina from corrosive percussion caps. The hammer cup and front of the hammer also display typical pitting.

This antique Pennsylvania fullstock longrifle has a wonderful patina. It will look great hanging above the fireplace or decorating the wall of your cabin. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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