French Trade Pistol,
.54 caliber smoothbore, 12" barrel,
L&R flintlock, walnut, brass trim,
new, unfired, by T. Frasier
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Neatly assembled by contemporary builder T. Frazier this pistol is a commercial trade pistol circa the late 1720' to 1730's with a French Dragoon pistol influence. The 1731 and 1732 era French Dragoon pistols used 15-1/2" barrels, when in 1733 the length was reduced to 12". Weight of the pistol is 3 pounds and it fits comfortably into the average size mans hand. Originally produced prior to the French and Indian War, this pistol would make a great piece for an impression of that war, or the American Revolutionary War. The .54 caliber smoothbore barrel has a non-textured gray patina finish. The walnut stock has been stained dark brown and is finished to a satin sheen now visible on the gun. This pistol is in as-new unfired condition.

The .54 caliber smoothbore barrel measures 12" long and was polished and finished to a silvery gray patina. The bore is in unfired condition, bright and ready to shoot. The breech end of the barrel is octagon with the flats tapering to round with a very slight flare at the muzzle. A single tang bolt engages the flared tang on top and threads into the trigger plate below. No sights are fitted on this pistol, typical of military pistols designed to point and shoot at close range.

The pistol has a flared grip with a brass buttcap secured with a grotesque mask buttcap retainer. The langets, or extension of the grip cap that run up the wrist on both sides is a common feature on military pistols of this era. The tang is surrounded by a raised panel of carving. Behind the tang the grip of the pistol drops quickly away from the level of the barrel, making the pistol easy to point and shoot. The brass grip cap and triggerguard, as well as the ramrod pipes, are burnished bright with a mellow applied patina. The triggerguard is mounted with pins. The backside view of the gun shows the fancy brass sideplate and two dome headed lock bolts that pass through the sideplate to engage the lock opposite, holding both lock and sideplate in position. The wooden ramrod is fitted with a flared brass loading tip. The ramrod is not threaded to accept any cleaning or loading accessories. We recommend our #PL-7-54 to service this pistol.

Ignition for the rifle is provided by a L&R Early Classic flintlock. Finished to a gray patina to match the barrel the lock plate has been reshaped to a French style with a pointed tail and octagon pan. The lock is well positioned on the stainless steel vent liner. Below the lock a single trigger is properly pinned to give good leverage against the sear. The lock is well tuned and sparks very well when fitted with a 3/4" knapped French flint.

This French Trade pistol is offered in new, unfired condition. It will be a joy to shoot at the range. If you are a French and Indian War or Revolutionary War reenactor, consider this well made dragoon pistol for your impression. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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