Kentucky Pistol,
.45 caliber, 8" brass swamped Getz barrel,
L&R flintlock, curly maple, brass trim,
used, by Myers
Part Number: AAU-822
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Stocked in curly maple with a bag style grip with a engraved brass buttcap, this flintlock pistol has a Getz Barrel Company .45 caliber 8" brass swamped octagon pistol barrel. The curly maple stock is fitted with brass furniture. This pistol is signed Myers on the flush mounted silver sideplate. The brass furniture has been neatly hand engraved. The L&R John Bailes flintlock sparks well.

The 8" swamped octagon pistol barrel has a cut rifled .45 caliber bore with seven lands and round bottom grooves. The swamped profile is thickest at the breech, tapers to a narrow waist, and flares slightly at the muzzle. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. A small silver sight is soldered near the muzzle. No rear sight is installed on this pistol in holster, or belt pistol fashion. The barrel's bright brass exterior has started to mellow from age. The blued steel thumbnail tang of the breech plug is neatly hand engraved with a decorative border.

The curly maple stock is stained to a medium brown and is trimmed in brass that has been burnished bright and developed a mellow natural patina. Viewed from the bottom, the brass buttcap, triggerguard, and ramrod pipes are shown. The screw that secures the buttcap is worked into the engraved design as the center of a four petal flower. The triggerguard bow is graved with a similar flower and the border and front finial have a engraved design. The short tapered skirt of the ramrod entry pipe is shaped with a raised thumbnail. The wooden ramrod is fitted with a flared antler loading tip. The ramrod does not have any threaded tips to accept loading or cleaning accessories. We recommend our #PL-6-45 to service this pistol. The silver sideplate is very well fitted with openwork areas and is hand engraved with a eagle, flower, and banner engraved Myers. A small washer style sideplate supports the forward lock bolt. Two domed lock bolts pass through to engage the lock on the opposite side.

The L&R John Bailes flint lock is a copy of a fine London made lock, of the style commonly imported by American longrifle makers for use on their best rifles. Correct in every detail, notice the semi-waterproof pan with rain gutters to drain moisture away from the priming. An anti-friction roller on the toe of the frizzen rides over a cam on the frizzen spring, for snappy action. The frizzen spring has a concealed mounting screw, installed inside the lock plate. We recommend our 5/8" knapped English flints, #FLINT-ENG-5, for use with this lock. A stainless steel vent liner is installed in the side flat of the barrel. The vent is well positioned both horizontally and vertically on the pan. If your flint longrifle suffers from that infamous slow whoosh-bang ignition delay, study the work of today's best gun makers, and position your vent well centered on the pan, high above the bottom, to serve as a window on the center of the flash.

A very neatly fitted and finished Kentucky pistol with a swamped octagon barrel, L&R flintlock, engraved brass furniture, and curly maple stock. If your budget allows you to consider the purchase of a signed flint pistol of this quality, we recommend that you seriously consider this well made pistol. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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