Remington Rolling Block Long Range Rifle,
caliber .45-70 Government, 34" octagon-to-round barrel,
checkered walnut, pistol grip, Parson's telescope,
used, made by Davide Pedersoli & Co.
Part Number: AAU-762
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This Remington Rolling Block rifle was built by Davide Pedersoli of Italy as a Creedmoor match rifle. The 34" octagon-to-round barrel is chambered for the long lasting and ever popular .45-70 Government round. Stocked in walnut the rifle has a pressed checkered pistol grip and schnabel forend. The rifle is used with a few small handling marks on the stock and blued barrel finish. The rifle is fitted with a Parson's Mfg. Co. of Ross, Ohio telescope. The rear sight base has two positions to allow for mid to long range shooting. With an overall weight of 13.2 pounds this rifle is best suited for its intended purpose, as a match rifle. The trigger reach of 14-1/2 inches combines with the weight to make this rifle suitable only for today's larger sized shooter, someone over 6' in height.

Our front view shows the Sporting Rifle buttplate, single trigger, and classic appearance of the Remington Number 1 Rolling Block Action, as replicated by Davide Pedersoli. Much stronger than a Trapdoor Springfield, the factory recommends shooting factory ammunition, but we prefer black powder hand loads, for economy, accuracy, compliance with club match rules, and the pleasure of doing it the old way. The walnut stock has been stained a medium brown and has a semi-gloss finish. The stock has only a few tiny handling marks from use. The tang is drilled and tapped for a tang sight and the filler screws have been removed. No tang sight is included. The Creedmoor match rifle does not have a rear dovetail cut in the barrel. Measuring 34" in length the octagon breech is 12-1/2" long before transitioning to round. The quarter flat of the barrel is marked with the Pedersoli caliber and model markings, while the side flat has a Cabela's - Sydney, NE stamp. The 3/8" dovetail at the muzzle end is fitted with a filler blank to protect the dovetail edges. Our bottom view of the rifle shows off the rounded toe of the gun, the pistol grip and the color case hardened receiver. It is near the toe that the stock displays some of the few marks on the rifle. Forward the forearm is in very nice shape as well, it is finished off with a schnabel tip.

The Number 1 action has a grooved face on the hammer spur and breech block spur. This nice single shot rifle has a strong mainspring, yet a smooth crisp trigger release. It will be enjoyable to shoot. This is a replica of the later style Number 1 action, with rotary extractor, for positive cartridge extraction. The hammer and breech block are blued steel. No tell-tale rotary scratches or wear can be seen on the breech block or hammer, which would indicate a lot of use. Color case hardened the action is a blue background with various swirls of gray and purple coloration. Made with near perfect symmetry, only the finger spur of the breech block is offset to the right. Thus, this rifle is equally comfortable for a right or left hand shooter.

The telescope is marked Parsons Optical Mfg. Co. Ross, Ohio Made in U.S.A. Mod 2635. We believe this to be a 6x telescope, but did not find a power marked on it. The telescope has a 3/4" diameter blued steel tube that measures 35" long end to end. The bottom front has Pope style rib to allow the telescope to move for and aft without rotation. The front has a threaded dust cap. A leather "sock" is included to cover the rear of the optic. The rear mount can be moved to two different heights for mid to long range shooting.

We stock .45-70 dies. We strongly prefer black powder handloads, and especially the 500 grain original U. S. Army - Frankfort Arsenal bullet, now known as the Lyman 457-125 bullet. We recommend 500 grain cast lead alloy bullets, sized to fit the grooves, with SPG lubricant, over our thin card wad. You can easily assemble your own cartridges using our inexpensive reloading tools and molds. The bore is clean and bright, in perfect condition. This rifle will require load development, and fine tuning, for serious target competition. We enjoy casting bullets, hand loading black powder cartridges, and enjoyable afternoons at our local 100, 200, 400, and 600 yard range. If you enjoy shooting, recording results, and creating loads, order this rifle, today.
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