Antique Ketland Fowling Gun,
.60 caliber smoothbore, 40-1/4" octagon-to-round barrel,
walnut, brass, reconversion to flintlock
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This antique English fowler appears to have been built circa 1820 by the Ketland & Co. family of gunmakers, which imported large numbers of fowlers into the United States. The walnut stock has a checkered wrist and scattered handling marks from decades of use. The brass trim features light engraving with a pineapple finial triggerguard. The flintlock was converted to percussion post 1840 and reconverted to flintlock. Trigger reach is 13-5/8 inches, weight is 5.8 pounds.

This halfstock smoothbore features a 40-1/2" tapered octagon-to-round barrel. The barrel's smooth bore measures .605" diameter, the bore has some light scattered pitting visible. The barrel also has a dent in the right hand side 4" behind the muzzle that is visible in the bore. A small silver blade front sight is fitted behind the muzzle. The barrel is mounted with a single wedge key and the hooked breech allows the barrel to be dismounted for cleaning. The breech has post 1813 Birmingham, England proof marks at the quarter flat on the breech.

Stocked in European walnut the stock has a surprising amount of figure visible over the length of the stock. This fine piece of wood seems to have aged well with a small check at the tail of the lock, and at the pointed tail of the tang. The comfortable flat buttplate is tastefully engraved, to match the other brass furniture. The stock has slight cast-off, for a right hand shooter. The stock's centerline angles away from the shooter's cheek, which allows you to place your eye directly behind the line of sights. The barrel is fitted with a hooked breech. The tang is cut with a deep groove to aid in sighting. The tang has a flower design common to Ketland guns engraved on the breech plug tang. The slim lock panels, engraved brass triggerguard, and rounded toe are visible in the bottom view. The triggerguard has a pineapple finial, a feature common to late flintlock English fowling guns. The triggerguard bow has a engraved border rather than the raised borders or ridges on either side found on some Ketland fowlers. The trigger bow is engraved with a flower design. The tapered ramrod is original with a flared brass tip with open end, and reversible worm on the hidden end. The side panel is fitted with two washer style sideplate inlet flush with the side panel.

The circa 1820 era Ketland style flint lock has been reconverted to flint ignition with a combination of L&R and Siler lock parts. The lock plate is marked Ketland & Co. below the pan. The locks sparks very well. A large vent liner has been fitted to the barrel, in place of the percussion drum. The flash hole is perfectly centered over the pan, centered on the priming flash. The breech end of the barrel has some scattered texture from corrosive antique percussion caps.

A late flint era fowling gun that was converted to percussion and recoverted back to flintlock. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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