Fine Golden Age Longrifle,
.50 caliber, 42" Getz swamped barrel,
flintlock, dark stained curly maple, engraved brass,
used, signed by Sheldon Mork
Part Number: AAU-648
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This classic golden age era fullstock flint rifle is made in the style of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania makers. Stocked in a dark stained piece of curly maple with figure from muzzle to butt. The stock is fitted with a large brass patchbox with delicate hand engraved designs. The large Siler flintlock is fitted to a Getz swamped octagon barrel. The rifle is signed S. Mork on the top flat of the barrel. Approximately 30 years old, this rifle has a mellow aged patina on the brass furniture. Weighing in at 7.7 pounds the rifle has a trigger reach of 13-1/2" making it well suited for today's average size shooter.

The 42" length .50 caliber cut rifled Getz barrel is light weight at the muzzle end, due to the taper and flare of the swamped octagon barrel. The thick breech makes the barrel very strong. The thin waist saves weight, and the muzzle flares to bring the front sight to the same sighting plane as the rear sight. The .50 caliber bore is cut with seven square grooves with a slow twist for a patched round ball. The bore is bright in well maintained condition. The barrel is finished to a smooth silvery brown. The breech end is neatly engraved with a floral pattern that continues back to the flared thumbnail tang. The barrel is fitted with a steel blade front sight dovetailed 1-1/2" behind the muzzle, and a flat top rear sight dovetailed 8-1/2" ahead of the breech. The top barrel flat is signed S. Mork behind the rear sight.

This elegant flint fullstock longrifle is trimmed in brass furniture. Originally burnished bright, the furniture has acquired a fine mellow patina with scattered dark speckling. Shaped with the angular lines of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania the buttplate is wide, tall, nearly flat for comfort with full loads. The patchbox is decorated with delicate fine line hand engraving, giving the rifle an extra level of eye appeal. Correct steel screws are used to mount the brass patchbox and hardware, and they are neatly engraved. The patchbox door has a button release located in the fancy toeplate. The spring is very strong and the door latches securely. Beneath the door is a correctly hand cut cavity for storing flints, jags, or other shooting accessories. The three barrel pins are surrounded by hand engraved nickel silver escutcheon plates. The stock is decorated with raised caving on the lock panels, a raised shell design around the flared tang, and flanking the cheekpiece.

The bottom view shows the fancy hand engraved toeplate that is mounted with engraved screws. The engraved brass triggerguard is correctly mounted with two pins. The 3/8" wooden ramrod passes through two brass octagon shaped ramrod pipes and matching entry pipe with engraved skirt. The ramrod is fitted with a brass tip threaded to accept 8-32 cleaning and loading accessories. A brass muzzle cap protects the end grain of the stock. The square cheek is decorated with a carved molding. Raised scrolls decorate the area behind the cheek piece. The engraved brass sideplate has two bolts that pass through to engage the lock on the opposite side. The domed head lock bolts are both neatly engraved.

The large Siler flintlock has a Germanic influence with panels on the pan and a pointed tail with vertical filed molding. The lock has been finished to a dark brown with fine line engraved scrolls on the plate and cock. The lock sparks well and throws a shower of sparks in the pan. Use our 3/4" knapped English flints for best performance in this lock, #FLINT-ENG-6. The single trigger is pinned high to provide good leverage against the sear. Ignition is provided through an Ampco vent hole. The vent is perfectly centered and positioned well above the pan, to serve as a window on the center of the heat of priming flash. The finish at the breech of the rifle shows some wear from use with a lightening of the brown finish with some scattered speckling.

This fine longrifle has a wonderful patina, and it will look great hanging on the wall or sitting on the shooting bench at the range. This rifle is well balanced and will be a joy to shoot offhand at your next shooting competition or big game hunt. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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