Fullstock Pistol,
.50 caliber, 11-3/4" barrel,
percussion, walnut, iron trim,
used, by G. Nelson
Part Number: AAU-176
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Price: $999.00
This fullstock percussion pistol was hand shaped from a blank and assembled by contemporary builder George Nelson. This pistol is stocked in walnut, trimmed in brown iron furniture, fitted with a percussion lock and an 11-3/4" long .50 caliber swamped barrel with hooked breech. The bore is bright and has been well maintained.

The swamped barrel is cut rifled in .50 caliber with eight lands and grooves with a slow twist for a patched round ball. The 11-3/4" long barrel is marked G.B. NELSON 20 on the top flat. The barrel exterior is finished to a smooth silvery brown. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. The low fixed rear sight, is soldered to the top of the tang of the hooked breech. This allows for maximum sight radius on this pistol. The front sight is an iron blade. The muzzle has decorative filing. Two wedge keys retain the swamped barrel. The keys are surrounded by handmade brass escutcheon plates. The hooked breech and wedge keys allow the barrel to be dismounted for easy cleaning without risk of wetting the stock with black powder residue.

The walnut stock has a bag butt profile and is designed for a large hand. The pistol is trimmed in browned steel furniture. The bottom view shows the long grip rail of the trigger guard wrapping around the butt of the grip. The browned steel triggerguard has a finger spur to aid aiming. The triggerplate is shaped with a pineapple finial. The ramrod passes through a short entry pipe with octagon flats and matching ramrod pipe pinned to the forearm. We note there are two plugged holes around the pin that retains the ramrod pipe. The wooden ramrod is fitted with a brass tip threaded to accept 8-32 cleaning and loading accessories. A pewter muzzle cap protects the endgrain of the stock. The back view shows the single lock bolt that passes through a brass sideplate to engage the lock on the opposite side.

Ignition for the rifle is provided by an L&R percussion H.E. Dimick style lock. Expertly tuned and adjusted the lock has been browned to match the barrel and iron furniture. A heavy mainspring ensures fast lock time and positive ignition. A stainless steel Hot Shot nipple for No.11 caps is installed. The side flat of the breech plug is engraved with the initials GJN. The gently curved single trigger provides a smooth release of the lock.

This percussion fullstock pistol has a bright well maintained bore. It will be a joy to shoot in your next pistol competition or in the deep woods. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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