Ohio Halfstock Rifle,
.45 caliber, 40" Colerain barrel,
percussion, curly maple, brass trim,
new, by T. Gray
Part Number: AAU-009
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Price: $3,499.00
This 1840-1860 era Ohio halfstock rifle is fited with a .45 caliber Colerain barrel. This rifle is offered as new, and is ready to shoot. The curly maple stock is neatly finished and trimmed in brass furniture. The Siler Mountain percussion lock is mated to single lever double set triggers. This fine rifle was assembled by contemporary builder T. Gray. Trigger reach is 12-1/2" to fit a smaller size shooter. Weight is 8.7 pounds.

The 40" length, straight 7/8" octagon .45 caliber Colerain barrel is finished to a smooth chocolate brown. The bore is rifled with six lands and radius grooves with a 1:48 twist. The bore is bright and is ready to shoot. Colerain rifle barrels are the favorite choice of today's best muzzle loading gun makers, because knowledgeable shooters demand Colerain's accuracy, inside and outside. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Scott Keller and Scott Kelly were tutored by Bob Paris, the famous rifle barrel maker who was first to perfect the technique for production of correct swamped barrels. Colerain rifle barrels are drilled from solid steel, cut rifled .012" to .016" deep depending on caliber, with six “round bottom" grooves. Called “radius groove rifling", Colerain eliminates the sharp inside corner that accumulates fouling. Radius groove rifling cutters are a bit more expensive to make, but Colerain's customers agree that the accuracy, easy loading, and easy cleaning are worth the cost. A silver blade front sight is dovetailed 2" behind the muzzle. A flat top rear sight is dovetailed 9" ahead of the breech. The top barrel flat is marked T. GRAY behind the rear sight.

The figured maple stock has been stained to best reveal the beautiful stripe and figure. The whiskey brown stain with golden undertones combine to make this rifle very appealing to the eye. The deep curved buttplate is comfortable to hold and engages your shoulder with surprising comfort. The top view shows the slim and finely pointed comb of the buttstock. These Ohio rifles were not thick or clumsy, but were simple and elegant. All of the screws are neatly aligned with the barrel. The long pointed tang of the breech plug has a single bolt that passes through to engage the trigger plate below. A single pin retains the barrel to the forearm. The right side of the buttstock is fitted with a brass cap box that is lightly engraved. The cap box opens to reveal a deep cut cavity.

The bottom view shows the brass toeplate which protects the critical toe area during loading. The two browned steel screws are neatly aligned and are highlighted with engraving in the brass toe plate. The brass triggerguard is mounted with pins front and rear and is large enough for a gloved finger. A brass forend cap protects the endgrain. The brass entry pipe retains the 3/8" diameter ramrod that has a browned iron tip to accept 8-32 cleaning and loading accessories. The round brass entry pipe is matched by two brass ramrod pipes soldered to the barrel's under rib. A simple square cheek piece is carved on the left side of the stock. The single lock bolt is surrounded with an Ohio style brass side plate that is lightly engraved.

Ignition is provided by this Siler mountain percussion lock. The lock has a short hammer travel and fast lock time. This lock uses large Siler internals, so spare parts are readily available if ever needed. The lock plate and hammer are fire blued. The drum and nipple are well supported by the lock plate, critical on this style of ignition. The drum is fitted with a hardened iron 1/4-28 nipple surrounded with a brass flash cup that is neatly border engraved. This rifle is fitted with a single lever double set trigger. Due to the single lever design it will only fire from the set position. The trigger backlash is correctly tuned to allow the lock to be cocked before the trigger is set, as many shooters prefer.

With the modest weight recoil should never a problem in this .45 caliber rifle. This halfstock Ohio rifle is neatly finished and will be a joy to shoot! Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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