Southern Longrifle,
.40 caliber, 42" Colerain barrel,
R.E. Davis flintlock, cherry, iron & horn trim,
lightly used, by C. Wolff
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The unique style of Southern Mountain rifles originated from the Western Carolinas into Eastern Tennessee during the late 18th and early 19th century. This Tennessee Mountain rifle is stocked in cherry and trimmed in iron furniture with antler accents. The rifle is fitted with a R.E. Davis Contract flintlock, single lever double set trigger, and .40 caliber Colerain barrel. Unsigned the rifle is attributed to C. Wolff. This rifle is stocked with a 14-3/4" trigger reach, for a taller than average size shooter. This trim longrifle weighs 8.3 pounds.

The Colerain .40 caliber cut rifled barrel measures 42" by 13/16" octagon. Colerain rifle barrels are drilled from solid steel, cut rifled with six “round bottom" grooves with a 1 in 48" twist. Called “radius groove rifling", Colerain eliminates the sharp inside corner that accumulates fouling. Radius groove rifling cutters are a bit more expensive to make, but Colerain's customers agree that the accuracy, easy loading, and easy cleaning are worth the cost. We recommend our .395" pure lead round ball, patched with .017" Ox-Yoke ticking, lubricated with our Mink Oil patch grease, or other animal fat lubricant, if you require best accuracy. The full buckhorn rear sight is dovetailed 9-1/2" from the breech. The brass blade front sight is dovetailed behind the muzzle.
The cherry stock is finished to a brown with just a bit of reddish undertone. This mountain rifle is a full dress Tennessee rifle with iron buttplate, entry pipe, antler muzzle cap and diamond inlays around the barrel pins. All of the iron furniture is finished to non-textured mottled gray patina. The barrel is breeched with a straight tang secured with a wood screw at the tail. The wrist is fitted with a coin inlay of a New Hampshire quarter, with 1788 / Live Free or Die / Old Man of the Mountain / 2000.

From below the long iron toeplate can be seen. The toeplate protects the fragile toe area, which is otherwise often susceptible to dents and chips during loading and cleaning. The iron triggerguard is securely mounted to the stock with a screws in traditional fashion. Two iron ramrod pipes and matching entry pipe secure the slender 5/16" diameter ramrod to the rifle. The wooden ramrod is fitted with a brass tip threaded 8-32 for loading and cleaning accessories. Two lock bolts are mounted through individual iron sideplates, a lozenge and tear drop shape. A square cheek piece is carved on the buttstock of this rifle.

The rifles is fitted with a R.E. Davis Contract lock. This lock is similar in size to the later 1803 lock, but with only a single throated cock. The unmarked lock plate has a gray patina finish. Produced by R.E. Davis the lock has strong internals and is properly tuned and assembled for optimum performance. The frizzen shows some marks typical of use with a bright spot on the side flat of the barrel from the frizzen opening. We recommend our 3/4" knapped flints. Fast ignition is assured by the steel vent liner, positioned well above the bottom of the pan, centered on the heat of the flash. If your flint longrifle suffers from that infamous slow whoosh-bang ignition delay, study the work of today's best gun makers, and position your vent well centered on the pan, high above the bottom, to serve as a window on the center of the flash. The single lever double set triggers will only fire the lock from the set position. They are properly tuned to allow the lock to be cocked either before or after the triggers are set. Once set the triggers have a very light trigger pull.

In lightly used condition this .40 caliber longrifle has a modest weight, and is neatly inleted and finished. It will serve you well in the woods or at the range. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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