Antique Frank Wesson Tip-Up Rifle
caliber .22 rimfire, 23" barrel,
two-trigger, nickel plated iron, walnut, fifth type
Part Number: AAT-750
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Originally produced during the latter half of the 19th century, this .22 rimfire rifle is the fifth type of the two-trigger models circa 1876 to 1888. The fifth type is denoted by the flats on the sides of the action below the hammer. It also has the left side barrel swivel link, patent date on hammer, and globe front sight from the earlier versions. With an overall weight of 6.8 pounds the rifle has a trigger reach of 13". This rifle handles very well and is very pleasant to shoot with commonly available .22 rimfire ammunition. Use only standard velocity ammunition with lead bullets. This rifle is considered antique due to the pre-1898 production and is exempt from FFL transfer rules.

The 23" barrel is chambered for a .22 rimfire cartridge. This rifle will accept a .22 Long Rifle cartridge, although we suspect is was originally issued as a .22 Long. Sources vary on the introduction of the .22 Long Rifle cartridge with some dating 1884 while other 1887. The bore is mostly bright, it does have some scattered dark spots. With a patch and cleaning jag you can feel some small variations in the bore, unlike modern barrels. The barrel is stamped FRANK WESSON WORCESTER MASS. over PAT'D OCT. 25, 1859 & NOV. 11, 1862. No other markings are visible on the 23" barrel. The barrel has a globe front sight with a bead on a post. The rear sight has an adjustable elevator. It is currently in the lowest position and frozen down. The screw to adjust the sight moves. It appears the sight will need to be removed the blade carefully tapped to loosen it. We found the rifle currently shoots high at 25 yards with standard velocity .22 longrifle ammunition.

Stocked in American black walnut the wood has its fair share of use over time with various small dents and dings found in its surface. The left side of the stock has a check were the stock is compressing on the buttplate screw. This should not be a concern in this small caliber rifle. A deep steel crescent buttplate has been fixed to the rifle to engage the shooter's shoulder. The steel buttplate is nickel plated with typical wear from use. Viewed from above the slender comb of the rifle can be seen. At the heel the comb of the steel buttplate shoots forward with three small flats. Forward from the comb, the long tang of the action can be seen with a speckled gray patina. The tang and frame where the rifle is handled display the most wear in the nickel plated finish. From below the base of the stock and action can be seen. No toeplate has been installed on the rifle and the stock displays a small amount of wood shrinkage. On the triggerguard itself the numbers 684 can be found, the only serialization identifiable on the rifle. Ahead of that area the double loop of the guard can be seen. Note the flat sided iron frame, typical of the fifth variation. Note the slotted link above the forward trigger, this is a stop positioned to prevent the barrel from opening any more than is necessary for loading and cleaning. The left side of the hammer has a patent date Pat. April 9, 1872, a patent for a hammer that could be adjusted from rimfire to centerfire (unnecessary on a .22 from this period.)

Place the hammer at half cock and the front trigger activates the action , allowing it to break open. Note the knob forward of the breech on the right side of the barrel, this is the extractor. When the action is broken pulling rearward on the knob also pulls out the extractor bar which in turn lifts the cartridge, spent or not, out of the chamber. Close the action, bring the hammer to full cock and the rifle is ready to fire using the rear trigger.

Models of this rifle are typically encountered in obsolete calibers. This fifth type two trigger Frank Wesson break action rifle in .22 rimfire does not require shipment to a FFL dealer due to its age. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique. In nice shape considering its age. if you decide to keep and fire this rifle use only standard velocity ammunition with lead bullets in this antique rifle. It is very fun to shoot!
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