Antique Double Shotgun,
10 gauge jug choked 37" Damascus barrels,
percussion locks, checkered walnut, pistol grip,
engraved, signed by William Cashmore ~ Birmingham
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This antique double percussion shotgun features heavy 10 gauge jug choked 37" barrels making it a ideal choice for duck hunting. The European walnut stock has attractive figure and pattern. The pistol grip and forend are checkered to provide the shooter with a secure grip. The front action locks and iron furniture are nicely hand engraved. The locks and upper barrel rib are signed William Cashmore with a additional importers name on the rib of Holdsworth & Co. Importers Sydney. William Cashmore produced shotguns from the percussion era circa 1830's well into the cartridge era of the mid 1900's. This shotgun likely dates from the mid 1850's. Trigger reach is 14" to fit a larger or taller shooter. Weight is 10.2 pounds.

The 10 gauge barrels measure 37" to the breech. The Damascus barrels display pattern over the full length of the barrels. The barrel finish has a bright scratch 11-1/4" on the left barrel, and the upper rib has a ding 10-1/2" from the breech. The 10 gauge bores are in excellent condition and have been well maintained. Both barrels are jug choked. Jug choking allows easy loading of card and fiber wads, good patterns, and good compression of the charge for reliable ignition. The right hand muzzle measures .785" diameter and the left measures .791" diameter. The bottom of the breech end of the barrel is stamped with Birmingham proof marks and 10. The upper rib is engraved to reduce heat mirage when sighting. The breech end of the rib is engraved Wm Cashmore, Maker, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham. Holdsworth & Co. Importers Sydney. A bead sight is fitted behind the muzzle.

The buttstock is shaped wide, tall, nearly flat to help spread the felt recoil over a large area. The butt end is fitted with a two piece buttplate with checkering between the heel and the toe. The checkering shows some wear from use. The heel plate comes to a short tapered point. The comb is fitted with a unmarked silver shield initial plate. The European walnut stock has both pattern and figure. The rounded pistol grip and forearm are checkered. The stock has some handling marks, and a few dents, typical of a 150+ year old shotgun that has been well maintained. The barrels are secured to the stock with a single wedge key. To dismount the barrels place the locks at half cock, drift the wedge key clear of the underlug, and lift the barrels from the stock. The long strap of the hooked breech is secured with two tang bolts, one from above, one from below. Screw slots are neatly aligned. The tang is expertly hand engraved. The rounded toe fades into the pistol grip. The triggerguard bow is nicely hand engraved with decorative scrolls. The grip rail is engraved with the 4XXX serial number. The ball end triggerplate is well fitted. The front edge of the lock panels are shaped with a raised molding. The ramrod appears to be the original ebony ramrod with a flared brass tip for seating wads and cards. The opposite end has a covered worm for pulling wads and cards.

The front action locks are engraved with scroll patterns and borders, and engraved Wm. Cashmore. The percussion hammers are nicely sculpted and reach over the high flash fence. The high flash fence is designed to protect the wood at the breech end of the barrels from damage from repeated cap flash by directing the spray upward. These locks have strong mainsprings, that provide fast lock time. Both locks have the crisp clicks of mid 19th century English craftsmanship, and the hammers properly align at the half cock and full cock positions. The nipples have been replaced with modern Ampco nipples.

This double shotgun is a fine piece of craftsmanship from the mid 19th century. Although this shotgun appears sound we always recommend that you proof fire the barrels, and carefully examine them before shouldering the gun with full loads. Fine original antique shotguns should never be loaded with modern steel shot. Use lead shot for trap competition and upland game hunting. Use the new Bismuth non-toxic shot for ducks and geese. Never use steel shot in your antique guns.

Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, your cost of inspecting our items, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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