LePage Target Pistol,
.44 caliber, 10-3/8" barrel,
flintlock, checkered walnut, iron trim,
used, by Davide Pedersoli & Co.
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This .44 caliber flint LePage Target Pistol is used with some light patina around the vent from firing and cleaning. The bore is bright and appears to have been well maintained. The pistol is used and does have some visible wear in the finish at the breech, and marks to some of the screw slots. The gun is built with classic French styling, a hand checkered grip, and man-sized grip proportions; these are all desirable features on a target pistol. Manufactured by Davide Pedersoli, this is one of his best pieces. This pistol includes a combination starter/loading rod with 10-32 threads for accessories.

The LePage Pistol frequently wins single shot flint pistol events, at the International Muzzle Loading Matches. Shooting teams from many countries prefer Davide Pedersoli's LePage pistol for match competition. The pistol is fitted with a French style engraved steel triggerguard, with finger spur, for easy aiming while shooting offhand. Notice the convex steel buttcap, also finished armory bright, and factory engraved. The polished steel sideplate is lightly engraved with a pine cone design. This example has all the caliber and proof marks on the bottom flat of the barrel.

The .44 caliber 10-3/8" rifled bore has a fast twist, deep grooves, and was polished and finished to a dark brown. The breech has a few bright spots and light scratches around the vent hole from firing and cleaning. This is the early production with the .44 caliber bore designed for a .433" diameter patched round ball. The hooked breech allows the barrel to be dismounted for cleaning, without tools, by withdrawing the wedge key, under firm thumb pressure.

The adjustable rear sight is mounted in the tang, and the steel blade front sight is mounted far forward, to maximize sight radius, for best accuracy. We note the front sight has been painted bright pink for better visibility. The tang is factory engraved, to match the lock and other hardware. No rib, ramrod pipes, or ramrod are fitted to this gentleman's target pistol. When cased in pairs, LePage pistols were favorites for deciding matters of honor, and were known as dueling pistols.

The engraved flint lock is fitted with a fly detent, and strong mainspring for fast lock time. This lock incorporates many late flintlock features. Notice the waterproof pan design, with rain gutters on either side of the pan. The fancy frizzen spring has a roller bearing on its tip, to ride over the cam surface of the frizzen toe. The plate and cock are polished, factory engraved, and marked LePage in bold engraved script. The screw slots on the frizzen screw, and frizzen spring screw have some marks on the slot. You may latch the trigger, or cock the hammer, in any sequence. The single set trigger is double phase it will fire the lock, set or unset. Push the trigger forward until it latches to set the trigger. The trigger adjustment screw directly behind the trigger controls the engagement in the set position.

Used, this pistol has a bright well maintained bore. It will be a joy to shoot at your next shooting match. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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