Remington No. 3 Hepburn Long Range Grade A Rifle,
caliber .45-90, 31" octagon Ron Snover barrel,
Vernier tang & globe sight, walnut, with accessories,
as-new, unfired, by Oklahoma Territory Arms
Part Number: AAT-573
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The development of the Remington-Hepburn match rifle is a direct result of the competition of the American and Irish shooting teams in the 1870's. Lewis Hepburn was a riflesmith and target shooter. Employed as a foreman in the mechanical department at Remington, he was assigned to design half of the rifles the American team would use at Creedmoor. The rolling block action was used, and the Remington Creedmoor Target rifle went on to allow the Americans to win by a slim margin. Hepburn later went to work to design a better action for a target rifle, than the rolling block action. In 1879 the Remington-Hepburn falling block action was designed.

This reproduction of a No. 3 Grade A Long Range rifle was produced by Oklahoma Territory Arms with a significant amount of the gunsmithing done by Jim Hamilton, who is a member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild. The No. 3 Grade A rifle differs from the Grade B & C rifles, due to the fact that it does not have a cheekpiece. This Grade A reproduction includes a color case hardened action, shot gun butt, Schnabel forearm tip, checkered pistol grip, and deluxe wood. Upgrades to this Grade A rifle include a checkered forearm. This rifle is chambered in caliber .45-90 with a full octagon Ron Snover 31" barrel with round bottom Medford-style rifling with a 1 in 17" twist. The sights were made by Frank Zika and include a long range Soule rear sight and spirit level front sight. This rifle is offered as-new, unfired. The trigger reach is 14-1/4" and the wight is 11.7 pounds. We have this rifle on display, ready for same day shipment on receipt of your funds and your favorite dealer's signed FFL copy. We must deliver to a Minnesota resident, or to your favorite licensed dealer in any other state.

This rifle comes with the following accessories: Redding three piece .45-90 die set, Buffalo Arms custom .45 caliber compression die plug for Redding Die, Buffalo Arms custom expander plug for Redding die, Paul Jones .45-70 single cavity mold with Redding handles, Hagar press-mounted wad punch with punches and bushings for .40 and .45 calibers, 100 count Remington .45-90 cases formed from .45-70 cases by Buffalo Arms, and 120 count cast bullets. These cast bullets are as follows: 80 count of Lyman 535 grain Postell, 20 count of Paul Jones 497 grain, 20 count of Lyman 517 grain.

The 31" long Ron Snover (IXL Enterprises) barrel is chambered in caliber .45-90, with a 1 in 17" twist with round bottom Medford-style rifling. The barrel has a slight taper, measuring 1.15" at the receiver and 1.06" at the muzzle. The bore is bright, clean, and ready to shoot. The barrel is finished to a beautiful dark blue. The top flat of the barrel is marked BLACK POWDER ONLY. The bottom flat is marked 45 90 just ahead of the forearm tip. The spirit level globe front sight is dovetailed 1" behind the muzzle. The long range Soule rear tang sight was made by Frank Zika. The sight features fine adjustments for windage and elevation.

The butt stock is figured walnut, with high comb and checked pistol grip. The stock is in overall excellent condition, and is fitted with a checkered hard rubber buttplate with original style Remington logo. A single screw retains the checkered walnut forend, which is finished with a Schnabel tip and ebony insert. The hammer and falling breech block are both blued to contrast the color case hardened action. The color case hardening features mottled swirls of gray, blue, and purple. The action is mounted with a color case hardened triggerguard. The left side of the action is marked HEPBURNS PAT OCT 7th 1879 in two lines. The right side of the action is marked OKLAHOMA TERRITORY ARMS COMPANY, L.L.C. in two lines. The bottom tang is stamped with the serial number. This Remington-Hepburn falling block action has the side lever which raises and lowers the breech block. The exposed hammer must be manually cocked before firing. The single trigger provides a smooth release of the hammer.

We recommend this No. 3 Grade A Remington-Hepburn rifle for target shooting. This rifle will be a joy to shoot in long distance shooting matches! We have this rifle on display, ready for same day shipment on receipt of your funds and your favorite dealer's signed FFL copy. We must deliver to a Minnesota resident, or to your favorite licensed dealer in any other state. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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