Ballard No. 7A-1 Long Range Rifle
caliber 45-70 Gov't, 34" rigby flat tapered round barrel,
stocked in figured walnut, engraved, tang and globe sight,
used, by Ballard Rifle Co. LLC, Cody, Wyoming
Part Number: AAT-434
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This No 7 Ballard target rifle is engraved A1 and LONG RANGE on opposite sides of the color case hardened receiver. This Creedmoor version features a single trigger, which was a requirement for the Creedmoor match. In excellent condition it has a few minor handling marks on the stock and barrel finish. Made for long range shooting, the Vernier tang sight is extra tall, easily adjusted using the knurled elevation screw at top. This rifle is also fitted with a wind gauge spirit level front sight, which is shown in early Ballard advertisements for the A1 Long Range rifle. Trigger reach is 14-1/4" and this rifle weighs 11.1 pounds.

The Rigby flat tapered round barrel is 34" long. The Rigby flats at the breech and muzzle of the barrel are engraved with the same style as the action. The barrel is chambered for the popular .45-70 Government cartridge. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. The dark blue barrel finish does have a few marks in it. in the 18-20" range from the breech. Designed for target use the barrel does not have a rear sight mounted.

The fancy wind-gauge front sight is a copy of the original Ballard sight, by Ballard Rifle Company. The sight is fitted with a spirit level. The bubble of the spirit level will confirm that you are holding the rifle perfectly upright, not canted. This becomes increasingly important when shooting at longer ranges. The graduated Vernier scale has 3 inches of elevation, allowing for ranges of 1,000 yards and more. Each elevation mark is .050", divided into five increments of .010" using the Vernier feature. Thus, each Vernier mark is about one (1) minute of angle (1" at 100 yards), a very convenient feature for the serious match shooter.

The walnut stock has both pattern and figure. The buttplate is checkered steel. The forend and pistol grip are checkered, and the pistol grip has the attractive S scroll shape at the end. This rifle is equally comfortable for use by a right or left hand shooter. No cheek piece is carved. The bottom view reveals the wide comfortable shotgun style buttplate, fairly flat, to minimize apparent recoil. The S scroll butt end of the pistol grip has a nice V inlay of contrasting horn. A single screw retains the checkered forend. A black horn muzzle cap is fitted to the forend.

This photo of the action shows the condition of the rifle, used, but well maintained. Engraved with the words LONG RANGE in script, the mottled color case hardening tends to obscure the engraving at a distance. The opposite side is engraved BALLARD A1 in matching script. Like most old Ballard rifles, this quality engraved target rifle has a crisp action. . The action is fitted with the Ballard single trigger four-finger loop lever, described by James J. Grant, in his book Single Shot Rifles.

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