Antique Double Shotgun,
9 gauge 33" barrels,
checkered walnut, steel trim,
percussion locks marked Hollis & Sheath
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This large bore double barrel shotgun would have been ideal for water fowl hunting in the mid-19th century. The percussion front action locks are marked Hollish & Sheath. Hollis & Sheath were Birmingham Gun makers in operation circa 1849 to 1861 when they succeed to Isaac Hollis & Sons. This large bore shotgun displays classic English craftsmanship with neatly inlet parts and the wrist and forearm checkered. The wedge keys and hooked breech allow the barrels to unhook from the tang, for easy cleaning. Trigger reach is 14 and 13", about average for most shooters. Weight is 11 pounds, to reduce felt recoil

The barrels are marked Hollis & Sheath Makers H.M.H. Board of Ordnance London on the upper rib and still display the twist pattern over the majority of the barrel, with some fading on the bottom. The barrels measure 33" from the muzzle to the rear of the breechplug. Once dismounted the bottom of the barrel has Birmingham, England view and proof marks with H&S for Hollis & Sheath. The bores measure .818" and .816" diameter, which is more typical of what we consider a 9 gauge today. Both bores are mostly bright with some scattered light speckling. The appear very shootable and are in much better condition than most antique percussion shotguns encountered. We recommend our 9 gauge cards and wads if you want to fire this antique shotgun. Use only lead or bismuth shot, do not fire steel shot in a Damascus barrel.

Stocked in walnut the stock has a checkered wrist and forearm to provide the shooter with a secure grip. The stock does have scattered handling marks from 150+ years. The checkered wrist and forearm have a few scattered dents that have flattened some of the checkering, but not many. The buttplate is wide and tall to spread the felt recoil over a large area. The wood near the heel has a few small areas of wood that have lifted from the buttplate compressing against the wood as it aged. Shown from above, the buttplate has a long stepped English style comb and is stocked straight. The tang extends down the wrist to provide strength to this fragile area. Lock panels taper widest to the front to accommodate the wide breeches while still creating a slender wrist. The joint of the tang and hook, hooks up tight with no play, wear, or slack. The wedge keys are surrounded by ball end oval escutcheon plates. Both keys are captured and drift just far enough to allow the barrels to be removed, but remain in the stock. The keys are very well fitted and require firm pressure to remove. Use a brass or hardwood drift to push the keys. The barrels are also very well fitted to the stock, and all the inletting is very crisply cut.

The rounded toe has a small initial plate mounted, which still remains blank. The steel triggerguard is neatly finished to a dark brown, while the triggerplate is color case hardened. All of the mounting screws are neatly aligned on the furniture and hooked breech tang. The triggerguard finial and ramrod entry pipe finial are a similar design with a ball end. The dark finished tapered wood ramrod appears to be antique with a flared brass tip and covered worm opposite.

The front action locks have no decoration other than the name, Hollis & Sheath. The hammer on the left hand lock has been neatly repaired. Mechanically the locks are crisp and the hammers align at all three positions. These lock have a very low position just over the nipples, a much higher traditional half cock to cap the nipples, and a full cock position. The nipples are modern replacements, we did not remove them. The sides of the breeches are fitted with platinum blow out plugs, the idea was that if the pressure in the barrel became excessive the platinum blow out plug would rupture vs. damaging the barrel.

This double barrel shotgun is a fine piece of craftsmanship from the mid-nineteenth century. The bores are very shootable and the locks are crisp. Fine original antique shotguns should never be loaded with modern steel shot. Use lead shot for trap competition and upland game hunting. Use Bismuth non-toxic shot for ducks and geese. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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