Committee of Safety Musket
.77 caliber ,46" barrel,
brass trim, curly maple stock, lock marked TOWER 1728,
plug bayonet, by Dr. Gary White
Part Number: AAT-208
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This musket would be typical of how early musket parts were restocked or recycled into long guns in Colonial America if they became damaged or obsolete as they aged. This musket is stocked in curly maple with a Dutch influence to the stock. The lock, barrel, and furniture are from a early Land Pattern Kings Musket or "First Model Brown Bess". The musket includes a plug style bayonet for militia duty. This large musket was assembled by contemporary builder Dr. Gary White. This will be an ideal arm for a 1750 - 1780 period reenactor whose interest is French & Indian War or Revolutionary War period events. With a weight of 10.5 pounds and trigger reach of 13-3/4" it should neatly fit today's average sized shooter.

The Brown Bess barrel, by Colerain, is 46" length, smooth bored with a .775" bore. The typical military bright finish has been replaced with a smooth dark brown. A tall brass blade front sight is fitted behind the muzzle.

Stocked in maple the buttstock has a very distinctive Dutch influence with the shape of the comb and the perch belly shape from the toe to the lock panels. The first model Brown Bess furniture has been re-shaped to accommodate the design. The curly maple stock is stained dark with just a hint of golden undertone to display the figure. The stock has some incised borders at the front edge of the comb, surrounding the tang and tail of the lock panels. The top view shows the long unmarked tang of the buttplate, and brass thumbpiece marked XXXVII over 47.

Our bottom view shows the wide butt with rounded toe. The early style triggerguard has a large single bow, later guards turn in behind the trigger while an extra portion turns to the rear, leaving a small triangular gap between the two, a strengthening feature. The forearm of the stock has a gentle swell at the rear ramrod pipe to give the bearer a place to grip when using the bayonet. The ramrod pipes are a Germanic style with paneled body and a flared end opening toward the muzzle. A ramrod with a jagged brass tip is fitted. The side panel is fitted with the early Brown Bess convex sideplate, with two lock bolt screws.

This large banana shaped lock is marked Dublin Castle, and dated 1724 indicating the year and location of manufacture. The big flint lock was hand assembled and tuned by Dr. White, from the exact replica castings by The Rifle Shoppe. It is an excellent sparker. The trigger release is fairly smooth, much better than commonly found on early flint military muskets. Use our best English musket flints, 9/8" size, in this lock.

We recommend this Committee of Safety Musket the French & Indian War era reenactor or the Revolutionary War volunteer, seeking a suitable gun for militia duty. This musket is new, unfired. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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