Virginia Longrifle,
.50 caliber, 44" swamped barrel,
Chambers flintlock, maple, hand forged iron trim,
used, signed by K. Smith
Part Number: AAT-003
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A classic American flintlock, this Virginia longrifle rifle was built by contemporary maker K. Smith. Stocked in maple, this rifle has hand forged iron furniture that has been given a patina finish. The .50 caliber swamped barrel is bright and has been well maintained. The large round face lock by Jim Chambers sparks well. With an overall weight of 8.7 pounds the rifle has a trigger reach of 13-1/2” and is perfectly suited for the average modern-era sized shooter.

The swamped 44" barrel is thickest at the breech for strength, tapers to a narrow waist to reduce weight, and flares at the muzzle to align the sights. The .50 caliber bore is cut rifled with six lands and grooves with a slow twist for a patched round ball. We note the muzzle has been coned to ease the starting of a patched round ball without the use of a short starter. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. The exterior of the barrel is silvery gray with a brown speckled patina finish running its entire length. The barrel is fitted with a flat top rear sight dovetailed 7" ahead of the breech. The iron blade front sight is dovetailed 2" behind the muzzle. The top barrel flat is signed KS, and small floral engraving is found just ahead of the tang and rear sight. The flared tang is also lightly engraved with a floral pattern. The back of the tang is not squared off and is rounded unevenly. We note a chip in the wood at the end of the tang and a few inletting gaps along the sides. The tang is surrounded by raised and incised carving that flows down into the tear drop shaped lock panels. An engraved domed lock bolt passes through the stock to engage the trigger plate below.

This flint fullstock longrifle is trimmed in hand forged iron furniture, which has been given the same gray brown speckled patina finish as the barrel. Stocked in maple, the stock has been stained to a dark brown and has a few minor handling marks from use. The buttstock has a strong Germanic influence with a wide, tall, nearly flat buttplate in mid 18th century style. It engages your shoulder to minimize the recoil of this .50 caliber rifle. No toe plate is fitted on this rifle and the bottom of the buttplate extends past the stock by 1/4" to help protect this area of the stock. Notice the hand made iron patchbox in the butt of the rifle. The inset patchbox door has a spring catch at the base and opens to reveal a large cavity for storing loading and cleaning accessories. The head of the patchbox is lightly engraved with a floral design.

The hand forged triggerguard is shaped with a large open bow and grip rail with curled spoon on the end. The trigger guard is retained to the stock with a screw at the front and rear. We note the trigger guard is delicate and can be flexed upwards towards the stock when squeezed too hard. This can interfere when setting the rear trigger. We note 1/8" inletting gaps at the rear of the trigger guard and plate. Further up on the forend of the rifle the tapered wooden ramrod is held in position by three ramrod pipes, two forward and one entry. The ramrod channel is decorated with an incised molding that terminates just behind the poured pewter muzzle cap to provide access to the ramrod. The tapered ramrod is fitted with a steel tip with 8-32 threads for loading and cleaning accessories. Three small pins retain the barrel to the forearm. We note the forearm around the rear pin has a small plugged hole. The square cheek is highlighted with an incised molding line along the bottom. The stock is decorated with incised carved scrolls to the rear of the cheek. The side panel is fitted with an iron sideplate with two engraved lock bolts that pass through the stock to engage the lock on the opposite side.

The large round faced Virginia Fowler flint lock, sometimes called a "Queen Anne" lock, dates from the 1730 to 1760 period, well after Anne's reign ended. This fine fowler lock is finished to the same gray brown patina as the barrel. The pan has a bridle arm to support the frizzen, not always found on early English locks. These early London style locks are often found on Colonial American long rifles and fowlers. This lock was assembled and tuned by Jim Chambers, one of America's most respected lock and gun makers. We recommend our 7/8" knapped English flints for use with this lock. The rifle is fitted with double set triggers with a large curled rear trigger. Triggers fire set or unset, for target match shooting, or cold weather hunting with gloved fingers. Ignition is assured by the stainless steel vent liner, positioned well above the bottom of the pan. We note the vent liner is positioned slightly forward of the center of the pan.

We recommend this Virginia rifle for the French & Indian War era or Revolutionary War enthusiast. This longrifle has a bright well maintained bore, and is ready to shoot. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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