Antique Jenks Carbine,
.54 caliber, 24-1/2" barrel,
walnut, brass, mule ear percussion lock
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The Jenks Carbine and Rifle are the only mule ear percussion guns officially accepted by the U.S. Armed forces. 4250 were manufactured circa 1843 to 1846 by N.P. Ames Springfield, Massachusetts. This carbine is stocked in walnut and trimmed in brass furniture with two barrel bands. The tapered round barrel is finished to a dark brown. The lock is color case hardened and the breech lever is finished to a dark blue aging to a speckled brown. This antique has very clear markings on the metal work. The stock has only a faint trace of the cartouche marks opposite the lock. The left hand side of the stock has a small numbered plate attached to it. Trigger reach is 14-1/8", and weight is 6.2 pounds.

The breech loading tapered round barrel measures 24-1/2" from the muzzle to the nipple. The breech has three broad flats on the top and sides. Placing the lock on half cock and raising the breech lever exposes an oval slot for loading from the breech. The forward motion on lever drives a cylinder forward to ram a charge placed in the oval slot into the breech. The six groove bore measures .520" diameter land to land and .542" diameter groove to groove at the muzzle. The bore is very bright with one dark spot visible just behind the muzzle. The top flat of the breech is stamped Wm Jenks vertically over USN over R P over P over 1845 producion date. The barrel brown has light handling marks.

The buttstock is fitted with a flat brass 19th century military style buttplate mounted with steel screws. The walnut full stock has aged to a dark brown. If the carbine is rolled in the light scrape marks are visible in the finish. The scraping has also mostly removed the inspection marks on the stock. The stock has scattered handling marks, and one deeper gouge behind the lock plate on the right hand side..

Note how the mule ear hammer spur tips over the breech lever. You must move the hammer to the half cock position to open the breech lever. The breech lever is finished to a dark blue and has a long groove to act as a rear sight. The front sight is integral to the forward barrel band. The bottom of the breech lever is stamped 4 over 31. The back action mule ear lock is a very simple design with few moving parts. The lock still retains some color case hardening with a few scattered brown speckles near the nipple. The lock plate is stamped Wm Jenks and N.P. Ames/Springfield/Mass..

The brass triggerguard has a sling ring mounted to the rear of the bow. The bow has a very faint inspection mark. This carbine has no provision for a ramrod or cleaning rod, which is correct for this model. The side panel opposite the lock has only two faint ovals visible from the cartouche marks. The lettering inside the ovals is not legible. The left side of the stock has a small round brass disk stamped 739, likely a museum identification plate.

A good example of a percussion U.S. military long arm made for the U.S. Navy. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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