Antique Flat Powder Horn,
9", brass band with loop,
flat base, hand carved wood stopper
Part Number: AAS-788
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Price: $190.00
This antique flat powder horn has a 4" tall base and is 9" around the outside curve. The horn has aged to a dark green tone with the tip a lighter brown. The base is secured with two small screws on each side. The lower left hand screw has a 3/4" crack extending from it where the horn has compressed against the screw as it has aged. The right hand side has some weevil damage with a few areas on the body and a line along the edge where the horn butts against the breech plug. The brass band has a small brass loop to secure it to a strap. A hand carved wood stopper is fitted. The horn appears to have a broken piece of a old stopper loose on the inside.

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