Antique Ohio Rifle,
.38 caliber, 36" octagon barrel,
maple, brass, pewter forend cap,
set triggers percussion lock, needs repair
Part Number: AAS-745
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This antique Ohio style halfstock rifle is stocked in dark stained maple and trimmed in brass furniture with a poured pewter forend cap. The rifle is assembeld without a under barrel rib, and the ramrod pipes are soldered directly to the bottom flat of the barrel. The hammer on the percussion lock appears to be a old replacement. It is not timed correctly and allowed the tumbler to over-travel and break out the lower lock panel. The rifle is unsigned as to a maker. Trigger reach is 13-1/2" about average for a antique longrifle. Weight is 8.8 pounds.

The 36" barrel is 15/16" octagon. The .38 caliber bore has dark grooves with some scattered pitting visible on the lands. The barrel is fitted with period rear sight dovetailed 6" ahead of the breech, and a very low blade front sight with brass base dovetailed behind the muzzle. The ramrod pipes are mounted directly to the bottom flat. The middle pipe appears to be a old replacement. It does not exactly match the forward pipe in length, and has some excess solder visible along the joint.

The maple stock is fitted with a deep crescent buttplate to engage the shooter's shoulder. The maple stock has a dark, almost black varnish applied, with some areas that have been frequently handled worn through the finish. The buttstock has a very slender profile. The wrist flares into the lock panels. The pointed breech plug extends to the rear of the lock panels. The slender toe is protected with a toeplate. The triggerguard is pinned to the stock and has a slender bow in 19th century style. The forearm is fitted with a poured pewter forend cap that also acts as the ramrod entry pipe. The ramrod is a modern replacement. A single lock bolt mounts the lock through a square tailed tear drop sideplate mounted flush with the side panel.

The percussion lock has a early percussion style plate with rounded front corner. The lock is unsigned, it has a some die stamped designs on plate that are mostly obscured by the speckled patina. The front of the plate has two mainspring mounting peg holes as if it had been moved or replaced. The hammer appears to be a later replacement. The patina on the hammer does not match the lock plate, nor does the style of decoration. The hammer is also not timed properly and allows the tumbler to over travel the edge of the lock plate. This repeated over travel has allowed the mainspring to strike and eventually crack and chip the wood below it. The lock has only a single position tumbler, typical of many antique percussion locks. The hammer is either fully cocked, or fully down. This simplification makes set triggers much easier to install, as the lock will not require a fly detent. The drum is fitted with a antique nipple, we did not attempt to remove it. The single lever double set triggers will only fire the lock from the set position. The lock can be cocked before the triggers are set, but it will only fire from the set position. The small screw between the trigger adjusts the set trigger pressure.

This antique is sold as-is for repair/restoration, or it will make a fine rifle for display. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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