Jim Bridger's Hawken Rifle,
.54 caliber, 36" tapered octagon barrel,
percussion, curly maple, iron trim, as-new
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This Hawken half-stock rifle was built using Track's very best Jim Bridger's Hawken rifle parts. The rifle is well fitted and finished. This unmarked rifle is a conservative traditional Hawken rifle with classic shaping. Assembled using a .54 caliber tapered octagon barrel, this plains rifle will be ideal for large game hunting or silhouette match use. The barrel of this rifle has been bedded, but no bedding is visible on the exterior of the rifle. Trigger reach is 14=1/8", to fit a 6" or taller shooter. This half-stock plains rifle weighs 11 pounds. Recoil should be modest, thanks to the weight of the rifle.

The .54 caliber 1-1/8" tapered octagon 36" barrel gives this rifle a modest weight. The cut rifled bore has seven lands and grooves with a 1 in 66" twist for a patched round ball. Grooves are cut .016" deep. Rice Muzzle Loading Rifle Barrels are set between centers and milled octagonal, insuring a centered bore, concentric with the exterior, with no "run-out". Each barrel is stress relieved in an atmosphere controlled electric furnace, to eliminate work hardening or barrel warp, and to dampen harmonic vibrations or barrel whip.

After the rifling has been cut, each bore is "ball burnished". A carbide bore-sizing die is pulled through the barrel, to insure bore dimension uniformity, eliminating any tight or loose spots inside the barrel. This critical procedure leaves the top of the lands smooth and polished, equaling the traditional lead lapping procedure. Rice barrels are Match grade quality, with bench rest capability. Rice barrels do not require lapping or extensive shooting to break-in.The smooth chocolate brown finish of the barrel, lock, and iron furniture appears as new.

The rifle is stocked in curly maple finished to a high gloss and trimmed in browned iron furniture. The metal to wood fit is very well done. The long tang of the slanted hooked breech strengthens the wrist. The tang bolts are neatly fitted with the slots aligned. Lock panels taper widest at the front is late percussion fashion. The hooked breech allows the barrel to be easily dismounted for cleaning without wetting the stock. Two keys retain the barrel. Remove the keys with firm pressure, and withdraw the ramrod, before lifting the barrel from its mortise. The barrel channel is bedded and is a snug fit.

The iron toeplate protects the toe, ending in the traditional beaver tail finial. The long trigger bar, anchored to the long tang with two tang bolts, supports and re-enforces the wrist. Hawken rifles quickly became famous for reliability in the Rocky Mountains. The forend is fitted with a conservative browned iron forend cap, and matching iron ramrod entry pipe. There is a small gap between the forend cap and the rear of the underrib. The snugly fitted tapered hickory ramrod is well finished, with an steel tip threaded 10-32 to accept your cleaning jag or patch worm. The single lock bolt, and tear drop escutcheon around it, are classic features of a halfstock Hawken plains rifle, from the 1835 - 1845 era. The beaver tail shaped cheek piece adds comfort for a right hand shooter, while aiming this .54 caliber rifle. The balance point is under the ramrod entry pipe.

Ron Long, of Denver, recreated the T. Gibbons Hawken percussion lock, for the Green River Rifle Works of Roosevelt, Utah. Assembled and tuned by R. E. Davis, this example is fitted with a English style hammer. Polished inside, the well tempered parts include a strong mainspring, stirrup link, and a fly detent to allow set triggers. R.E. Davis double lever double set triggers fire set or unset, for target match shooting, or cold weather hunting with gloved fingers. Turn the set screw, between the two triggers, inboard to decrease the set trigger pressure.

Unmarked on the outer surfaces, as most serious re-enactors prefer, this rifle is a pure pleasure to handle. Rest shooting is ideal, since the heavy weight absorbs recoil. The 100 yard and 130 yard Buffalo X-Sticks Match targets are not far away for this big .54 caliber round ball. If you are considering adding a well fitted Hawken rifle to your collection consider this rifle. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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