Kentucky Pistol
.40 caliber, 10" barrel,
maple stock, brass trim, set trigger,
used, signed by D. Kuyper
Part Number: AAS-566
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Price: $1,999.00
This well made Kentucky Pistol was constructed and signed by contemporary gunmaker D. Kuyper. Stocked in a nice piece of curly maple the pistol is trimmed in polished brass furniture. The straight 7/8" octagon barrel is .40 caliber and measures 10" in length. The brown lock and barrel finish both have a silvery gray patina from firing, handling, and cleaning.

The .40 caliber barrel has a bright well maintained bore. Viewed from above the full length of the 10" barrel can be seen. A tall rear sight has been dovetailed into the barrel 2-3/4" ahead of the breech, a nickel silver blade front sight is dovetailed 7/8" behind the muzzle. The top flat of the octagon barrel is signed D. Kuyper between the breech and the rear sight. The barrel finish has a light aged patina from handling and cleaning

Ignition is provided by this pistol size Becky's percussion lock by R.E. Davis. The chamfered edges, and molding on the tail display the Germanic heritage of this lock. The drum is well supported, critical to this style of ignition. The lock is mated to a single set trigger. You must set the trigger, by pushing it forward until it latches, before the lock will engage the half cock or full cock notches on the tumbler.

The curly maple stock is stained to a dark brown with golden undertones to best display the figure over the length of the stock. The straight tang of the pistol is framed with a raised and incised beaver tail A hand engraved nickel silver thumbpiece is fitted behind the breech. The wrist curves down into the flared grip creating a comfortable curve for the shooters hand to engage. The large brass grip cap extends up to he midpoint of the grip. The grip cap is engraved with a four petal flower around the mounting screw. Our bottom view of the pistol shows the engraved grip cap, polished brass triggerguard, rod pipes, and muzzlecap. Lightly used, the brass has a mellow patina. The pistol is fitted with a 5/16" diameter ramrod with a brass tip with 8-32 threads for loading and cleaning accessories. We suggest keeping this well fitted ramrod with the pistol and using one of our 10-32 threaded .40 caliber pistol loading rods for both loading and cleaning. The brass sideplate has aged to a mellow patina. The tail of the sideplate is filed with a decorative molding and the rear of the sideplate is hand engraved with a shell design around the rear lock bolt.

Used, this percussion Kentucky pistol has a bright well maintained bore. The brown lock and barrel finish has some patina from handling and cleaning. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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