English Fowler,
24 gauge, 42" octagon-to-round barrel,
dark stained curly maple, blued iron trim,
L&R Queen Anne lock
Part Number: AAS-520
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This flint lock fowler features 1750 to 1780 era styling with iron trim, curly maple stock, and round faced lock. This fowler has similar architecture to some of the examples shown in the book #BOOK-FF-S Flintlock Fowlers, The First Guns Made in America by Tom Grinslade. The fowler is assembled around a 24 gauge octagon-to-round Colerain barrel mated to a round faced L&R Queen Anne lock. The 42" octagon-to-round barrel, lock, and furniture have a dark blue finish. The trigger reach is 14-1/2" to fit today's taller than average size shooter. Weighing 8.4 pounds, this long gun holds steady due to the 42" octagon-to-round barrel. This fowler appears to be very lightly used with only a few marks on the frizzen face.

The 24 gauge by 42" octagon-to-round barrel transitions from 8 flats to 16 flats before turning round at a set of double wedding bands. We recommend our 24 gauge wads and cards for use with the .579" diameter bore. The bore appears bright. The exterior of the barrel is finished to a smooth dark blue. The barrel is fitted with a tall turtle blade front sight soldered behind the muzzle. This fowler is fully qualified for use in the popular North West Trade Gun match, shooting both round balls a paper targets, and clay birds thrown from a trap house, under NMLRA rules.

The curly maple stock has been stained to a very dark brown with reddish undertone. Note the long baluster wrist, this is a classic early feature of fowling guns and trade guns from Europe as well as Colonial fowlers. Shown in our top view, the comb of the buttplate is truly a English design, and it looks right in the comb of the buttstock. Look closely, and you may notice that the buttplate is not perfectly centered behind the tang. Rather, it is offset from the right hand shooter's cheek. This feature is called cast-off, and it places the right hand shooter's eye directly behind the line of sight, making this gun instinctive to point and shoot.

The long baluster wrist runs to the toe. The polished and blued iron triggerguard, with acorn finial, is screwed to the stock. The acorn was an English symbol of strength and longevity. English ships, made of strong English oak, ruled the seas. Perhaps the acorn signified tremendous strength, from a small origin? The ramrod is fitted with a steel tip with 8-32 threads for loading and cleaning accessories. The side panels is fitted with a classic English sideplate with sweeping curves and molding across the tail. The sideplate has a small amount of hand engraving below the rear lock bolt.

The large round faced English fowling gun lock, sometimes called a "Queen Anne" lock, dates from the 1730 to 1760 period, well after Anne's reign ended. These early London style locks are often found on Colonial American long rifles and fowlers. This lock was assembled L&R Lock Company. The lock has a dark blue finish to match the barrel and furniture. The curled trigger is pinned high, for best leverage, giving this lock a smooth easy trigger release. We recommend our Tom Fuller 7/8" hand-knapped English gun flints, #FLINT-ENG-7, for this lock. A direct drilled vent hole is well positioned on the center of the pan, slightly above the pan to frizzen joint, sometimes called the "sunset" position. The vent hole is centered on the heat of the priming flash, for instant ignition, without the whoosh-bang delay, seen in many flint guns.

Lightly used this 24 gauge smoothbore is ready for your Colonial or Revolutionary War impression. It is handsomely fitted and finished. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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