Antique J. Henry Halfstock Rifle,
.44 caliber, 35-1/2" barrel,
walnut, iron, percussion,
marked J. Henry & Son
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This antique halfstock rifle is stocked in black walnut and trimmed in iron furniture with period nickel silver accents. This rile likely dates from the 1860's based on the markings on the lock and stamp on the barrel. Produced by the Henry family from Boulton Pennsylvania the .44 caliber barrel is simply stamped J.HENRY& SON as is the front action lock. Trigger reach is 12-7/8", and this handy rifle weighs 12.4 pounds.

The .44 caliber barrel is 35-1/2" long and just over 1-1/8" octagon. The bore is rifled with six narrow grooves and wide lands and measures .442" land to land. The bore is in excellent condition and is very bright in near perfect condition, it could have been recut. The short barrel length appears to be original, with the end of the rib filled with solder. The top flat of the barrel is stamped J. Henry / & Son. The rear sight is a modern replacement and does not quite fill the dovetail side to side as it should. The front sight is a low silver blade and appears to be original.

The rifle is stocked in American black walnut and has been varnished to a dark black. The varnish has worn on down to the lighter walnut tone on areas frequently handled, such as around the lock and on the forearm. In Henry halfstock rifle fashion the forearm is fitted with a forend cap that also acts as the ramrod entry pipe. The buttplate has a slender pointed heel in Eastern U.S. fashion in the mid 1800's. The breech plug has a rounded tang, with a crack starting to develop at the center as it has compressed against the tang. The right hand side of the lower lock panel has a repaired crack from the bottom of the lock to the triggerplate mortise. The left hand oval escutcheon plate around the wedge key is a modern replacement., it is brass and not shaped perfectly with the stock.

The iron toeplate has a decorative finial. The triggerguard grip rail has a fish lip design common to rifles from the 1840's to 1860's. The ramrod is a replacement and has no tips installed. The ramrod pipes are folded sheet, with the tab slotted into the rib. The side panel is fitted with an iron tear drop sideplate. The cheek piece is shaped with an accent line along the lower edge.

The front action lock has the appearance of an English lock for use with a "drip bar" but with wood around the front of the lock. The hammer cup nose has been repaired with a brazed extension. The lock has only a single position tumbler, so it is either in full cock or fully down. Eliminating the half cock notch was a simple way to avoid putting a fly detent in the lock's tumbler to allow using set triggers. The lock plate is stamped J. Henry / & Son just below the breech. The breech design seems to be a popular design used by J. Henry and is found on many of their rifles. The nipple appears to be antique, and can be removed. We would suggest replacing the nipple with a modern nipple if the rifle is to be fired.

The trigger are single lever double set, a popular mid 19th century design. Only the rear trigger has a trigger bar to engage the sear on the lock. This design means that the triggers will only fire the lock from the set position. Pull the rear trigger until it latches. Once set the front trigger only requires a few ounces of pressure to fire the lock for a accurate aimed shot. This trigger has the backlash correctly adjusted and you can cock the lock before setting the triggers.

A mid to late 19th century halfstock rifle with a bright bore and some repairs and restoration. Before returning any antique gun to service, we always recommend that you fire your maximum load, remotely, to prove any antique gun safe, to your satisfaction. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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