Replica 1856 Pattern Short Rifle,
.58 caliber, 33" R. Hoyt barrel,
walnut, brass, two barrel bands, used,
altered English Parker Hale to replicate example carried by 10th Virginia Infantry
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This Parker Hale replica 1858 Enfield .58 caliber two band musket was originally manufactured in England. The rifled musket has been altered to replicate a 1856 Pattern Short Rifle that is on display at Gettysburg that was carried by a member of the 10th Virginia Infantry. The original stock has been reshaped to match the contours of the antique and the furniture was replaced with 1856 Pattern Short Rifle iron furniture from The Rifle Shoppe. The original Parker Hale barrel has been replaced with a Robert Hoyt 1 in 56" twist barrel. The rear sight currently fitted was made by Rich Cross. The Parker Hale lock has been tuned by Rob Lewis and remarked in antique fashion. The rifled musket is used and has some handling marks and a nice aged patina that appears correct for a Enfield that has been on campaign. Enfield muskets were imported and issued by both the North and the South. The Confederacy purchased Enfield muskets from neutral England, and brought them into the south, at great risk, aboard the blockade runners. Trigger reach is 14" and this rifled musket weighs 9.2 pounds.

The original barrel is included loose with this rifled musket. Designed to shoot our a .577 caliber Pritchard style Minie bullet, #BALL-57-MINIE, from the popular #LYMAN-577-611 bullet mold. This barrel has a well aged brown patina and the rear sight has been removed. The front sight remains as does the bayonet lug. The bore on the dismounted barrel is bright.

The .577 caliber Robert Hoyt barrel fitted to this rifled musket has a 1 in 56" twist. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. The rifle had some notes that it performed well with a Rapine 350 grain semi-wad cutter, with a dab of Criso in the base, for use at 50 yards. A 460 grain old style Minie ball, no lube in base, at 100 yards. Either ball fired over a charge of 40 grains of 3Fg black powder. It was recommended to size the bullets to .576" diameter. It is also noted that the .577 Pritchard Minie ball also fires very well, but with the added recoil from the heavier ball. The Rich Cross rear sight is calibrated and marked in 100 yard increments. The original Parker Hale proof mark on the top flat is faint. The left side of the breech end of the barrel is stamped with a Crown over CP , 25, and Crown over V proof and view marks.

Stocked in walnut, the stock has a rich dark brown color and has been neatly reshaped to a slender appearance. Unlike most Enfield muskets this example is trimmed in iron furniture, as are a limited number of antique muskets with Confederate markings. The furniture was replicated by The Rifle Shoppe and has been neatly fitted to the stock. The triggerguard did suffer a break on the grip rail and was brazed back together to repair it, which is visible in the brown finish. The rear grip rail mounting screw also has a small crack at the thin web of metal on the lock panel side. These two small cosmetic issues do blend with the overall patina of the gun. The front finial of the triggerguard has a attachment point for the chain to secure a nipple protector. The rear barrel band is antique. The forward barrel band mounts the forward sling swivel, while the rear is mounted to the rear of the grip rail which is different than the 1858 Enfield muskets that have it on the front of the triggerguard bow. The barrel is served with the original Parker Hale metal ramrod. Two brass sideplate washers are inlet just below the side panel of the stock, and counterbored to accept the two lock bolts.

The color case hardened lock has the classic Enfield shaped percussion hammer. The top of the cock is checkered for a sure grip when cocking. The lock has been tuned by Rob Lewis and remarked with Parker Field and Sons in antique fashion, a double line decorative border, and color case hardened. The mainspring on this color case hardened lock is strong and the trigger pull is crisps for match shooting. This Enfield rifled musket is fitted with a correct 5/16-18 threaded Enfield musket nipple, exactly as on the original. We recommend that you order a spare #EMS-I nipple and #NW-100 nipple wrench.

This an early production Parker Hale musket, made in England that has been altered into a 1856 Pattern Short Rifle that would be ideal for your Confederate Civil War impression or skirmishing event. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique
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