1874 Sharps No. 3 Rifle,
.45-70 Gov't, 32" octagon barrel,
checkered walnut, color case hardened trim,
6X Malcolm telescope, excellent, used, by Davide Pedersoli
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This 1874 Sharps rifle, by Davide Pedersoli has a checkered walnut buttstock and forearm, a 32" octagon barrel and is chambered for the .45-70 Government cartridge. The rifle is fitted with a 6X Malcolm telescope. This rifle is used, with a few minor handling marks, but is otherwise in excellent condition with a bright clean bore. This 11.2 pound rifle is an excellent choice for iron silhouettes, buffalo matches, and steel gongs at 400 and 600 yards. The weight is a great advantage when shooting from a rest and it greatly reduces recoil. The trigger reach is 14" to fit todays average size shooter.

This is a favorite rifle for long range black powder cartridge shooters. Sharps rifles by Davide Pedersoli have recently placed in NRA Black Powder Silhouette Matches, at Raton, New Mexico. This Sharps rifle is stocked in a lightly figured piece of walnut. The rifle has a Schnabel style forearm, and case colored receiver, hammer, lever, and triggerplate. The military style buttplate has a modest curve to engage the shooter's shoulder.

The rifle is fitted with a 6X Malcolm telescope. The front of the scope is mounted to a dovetailed block near the muzzle of the barrel. The rear mount adjusts elevation. Loosen the large locking knob, slide the scope to the desired setting, and snug the knurled locking knob.

Our top view shows the tapered comb of the Sharps buttstock, the color case hardened action, and the highly polished blued barrel. Notice that the octagon flats of the barrel flare to round, before they enter the action. This classic feature, found on most Bridgeport made Sharps rifles, is called the tulip.

The toe of the stock shows little use, with only a few minor handling marks. The wrist and forearm are checkered for a secure grip. Architectural details include the semi-circular flat on the walnut forend, in front of the action, a nice touch. Our bottom view shows the color case hardened lever. Nearly all required factory markings are on the bottom flat of the barrel, ahead of the forend, another nice touch. The tiny government proof mark is along the front edge of the action, and the serial number is correctly centered on the tang. Our back view shows the straight grip stock with its steel buttplate and no cheek piece.

Correctly color case hardened, in subtle shades of blues, purples, greys, with faint yellow undertones, this big lock is quite attractive. The 1874 Sharps lock action has the earlier 1863 Sharps tumbler with the half-cock safety notch positioned well above the firing pin. A fly d├ętente in the tumbler insures perfect action and fast lock time, when using the set trigger.

The double set trigger has double levers allowing you to cock the lock, or set the trigger, in any sequence. When fired from the front trigger alone, trigger release is a normal 2 to 3 pounds. When fired with the rear trigger set, the front trigger release may be adjusted to nearly zero, using the set screw between the triggers.

We strongly recommend using these set triggers for dry fire practice, which is perfectly harmless, provided that the hammer is fully down, not at the half-cock safety notch. Dry firing, at a small black dot on a white piece of paper, each evening, is the best way to develop skills, practice follow-through, and to eliminate the tendency to flinch during recoil.

This rifle will require load development, and fine tuning, for serious target competition. We enjoy casting bullets, hand loading black powder cartridges, and enjoyable afternoons at our local 100, 200, 400, and 600 yard range. If you enjoy shooting, recording results, and creating loads, this rifle is for you. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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