Double Shotgun,
20 gauge, 27" browned barrels,
percussion, walnut, checkered wrist,
used, by Davide Pedersoli
Part Number: AAS-282
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This double percussion shotgun is stocked in walnut. The polished and browned barrels are 27-1/2", including the breech plugs. Later production shotguns feature a tiny screw or sight bead under the muzzles, to latch the ramrod during recoil, this shotgun features that tiny screw. The bores are bright and have been well maintained. This shotgun is in overall good condition, with only a few handling marks in the stock and some speckling on the exterior of the barrel around the nipples. The 13-1/4" and 14-1/4" trigger reach should fit today's average shooter quite well. The weight is 7.1 pounds.

The polished barrels are 27" long and are finished to a deep plum brown color. The barrels have some bright spots in the finish from normal handling and cleaning, especially around the breech end. The bores are bright, clean, and ready to shoot. The breech has an engraved band to match the tang, locks, and triggerguard. The front sight is a standard brass bead. The 20 gauge barrels measure .630" at the muzzle of the right barrel, while the left is choked down to .615". We recommend our 19 gauge wads for use with this shotgun on the right barrel. The choked bore requires a slightly different mixture of wads & cards. Our wad manufacturer recommends our 19 gauge over powder card passed through on it's side, a 24 gauge fiber wad, and a standard 19 gauge overshot card which should be flexible enough to pass through the choke.

The straight grip is checkered, and the walnut stock is fitted with a blued steel buttplate. This wide buttplate is nearly flat, comfortable with full loads. The stock has a few handling marks from field use. The forend has a single wedge key retaining the barrel. The key allows for quick disassembly for cleaning. Simply withdraw the ramrod, press out the key with firm thumb pressure, and lift the muzzle end, to dismount the barrels for easy cleaning. The long tang is color case hardened and factory engraved. Two blued steel tang screws and one bolt have been fitted. Viewed from below, the color case hardened triggerguard and triggerplate can be seen. Not visible in this picture is the ramrod entry pipe that has been finished in the same fashion. The forward two ramrod pipes are browned to match the barrel, but the entry pipe is case colored to match the triggerguard, triggerplate, tang, and lock plates. The wooden ramrod is fitted with a brass loading tip. The hidden brass tip is threaded to accept 10-32 cleaning and loading accessories.

Remove the two standard 1/4-28 nipples, using our # #NW-120 nipple wrench, and immerse the breech end in a bucket of hot soapy water. Place a wet cleaning patch on our #Ramrod-6-10-B cleaning rod, fitted with our # #Jag-20-10 cleaning jag tip. Push the air out, and draw the water in, as you pump the ramrod the full length of each barrel, a few times. Change the water, and the patch. When the patch comes out clean, you are ready to wipe the bores dry, using a patch wetted with WD-40 or other water displacing oil. Never insert a dry patch. If you used warm water, the warm barrels will dry instantly.

The Pedersoli shotgun locks are color case hardened, factory engraved with foliage and scrolls. Both locks are perfect inside, with strong springs, secure half-cock notches, and full cock notches that release smoothly with normal trigger finger pressure. Davide Pedersoli double shotguns use our standard 1/4-28 nipple. However, he taps the thread seats to the minimum size, knowing that normal use will wear the nipple threads, over time, enlarging them to better fit a standard nipple. Our standard 1/4-28 nipples are quite snug in the thread seats. Apply a tiny amount of Birchwood Casey's Choke Tube Lube, or any good anti-seize grease, to the nipple threads, and install the nipples. Our 1/4-28 nipples are the correct size. New nipples have been installed and lubed with anti-seize.

This 20 gauge double barrel shotgun has been well maintained. It will serve the next lucky bird hunter well in the field this Fall. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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