Left Jaeger Rifle,
.62 caliber 31" swamped barrel,
Siler flint lock, walnut, iron trim, wire inlay, used
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This Germanic Jaeger rifle is set up for a left hand shooter. This rifle features a .62 caliber swamped barrel, walnut stock with wire inlay, and large Siler flintlock. The bore is bright and has been well maintained. This rifle is ready for your next big game hunt. Trigger reach is 14" to fit today's average size shooter. Weight is 7.9 pounds.

The 31" swamped octagon barrel gives this rifle a very modest weight and makes it very handy. The swamped barrel is thickest at the breech, tapers to a narrow waist and flares slightly at the muzzle. The thick breech provides strength while the swamp reduces weight. Cut rifled in .62 caliber with seven grooves in a slow twist for patched round balls. The bore is mirror bright and has been well maintained. The muzzle has been filed to a decorative rose crown. The barrel is fitted with a Germanic leaf sight with long finial dovetailed 11" ahead of the breech. The sight has a single leaf which flips up for longer range shooting. The long front portion of the rear sight is neatly hand engraved. The front sight is an iron blade dovetailed 2" behind the muzzle. The front sight has a shark fin notch filed into the rear of it. The barrel is finished to a smooth brown and the muzzle end is decorated with two inlaid bands of silver. A round silver circle is inlaid in the top barrel flat near the breech with engraving on both sides.

The walnut stock is finished to a warm brown with golden undertones. The Jaeger buttplate is wide and flat, for best comfort with full loads, when shooting this large bore flint rifle. The buttplate is shaped with a long comb mounted with two screws. The rear comb screw has shell engraving surrounding it. The front comb screw has an elf blowing a horn engraved around the front portion of the comb. The bottom heel screw also has a shell engraved around it. An engraved border decorates the perimeter of the buttplate.

A sliding wooden patchbox is fitted to the buttstock rifle. The door has incised carving around the thumb notch. Compress the spring toward the lid and slide the door toward the buttplate to expose a deep cut cavity for storing flints, patches, or other shooting accessories. Wire inlay surrounds the wooden patchbox. Raised carving decorates the wrist and wraps up the front of the comb. The lock panels taper widest at the rear in early long gun fashion. The lock panels are framed in raised and incised carving. The straight tang of the breech plug is decorated with raised carving. The tang is decorated with three inlaid silver bands.

The square toe is fitted with a browned steel sling button. Wire inlay decorates the area of the toe between the sling button and the buttplate. The forward swivel is correctly positioned to rest against the forward ramrod pipe to prevent the sling from blocking the ramrod channel when in use. The front finial of the trigger guard has a drilled and taped hole in its center, possibly for a palm grip. Further up on the gun, the pointed skirt of the browned ramrod entry pipe is surrounded with incised carving. The carving flows up and back towards the lock panels. Another line of incised carving creates a molding along the exposed part of the ramrod channel. The ramrod passes through two octagon shaped ramrod pipes with bands on each end that matches the entry pipe. The ramrod is fitted with a flared ebony loading tip. The opposite end is fitted with a brass tip threaded to accept 10-32 cleaning and loading accessories. The muzzle cap is polished iron.

The side panel is fitted with a large flat iron sideplate that fills the side panel in Germanic fashion. It is engraved with a dog chasing a deer. It is also signed S. Brown. Two lock bolts pass through to engage the flint lock on the opposite side. The oval cheek is shaped with a molded edge and raised floral carving on each end. The cheek is carved on the right side of the buttstock, making this gun comfortable for a left handed shooter.

This rifle is fitted with a left hand large Siler flintlock. The lock is finished to same dark brown as the barrel. It is lightly engraved with a floral pattern. The lock has a strong mainspring and quick timing. The double lever double set trigger is adjusted to allow the lock to be cocked, or the trigger set, in any sequence. Trigger geometry is set to give this rifle a very light release, when set, and a more firm release, when unset. Adjust the screw between the two triggers, inboard to reduce set trigger release pressure, our outboard to require a stronger pressure. The set trigger can provide very light release, perhaps an ounce or two, for accurate aimed shooting during pleasant weather.

Fast ignition is assured by the stainless steel vent liner, positioned well above the bottom of the pan, centered on the heat of the flash. If your flint longrifle suffers from that infamous slow whoosh-bang ignition delay, study the work of today's best gun makers, and position your vent well centered on the pan, high above the bottom, to serve as a window on the center of the flash.

This Jaeger rifle has a bore that is bright and well maintained. It will be perfect for your next big game hunt. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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