Underhammer Rifle,
.50 caliber, 28" tapered octagon barrel,
percussion, figured English walnut, iron furniture,
signed by D. Rase
Part Number: AAR-768
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Price: $2,359.00
This underhammer Schuetzen rifle is assembled on a Billinghurst style color case hardened action, English walnut stock, and Swiss style buttplate. Designed for off hand shooting this rifle is easy to handle and has a modest weight. The walnut stock is shaped with a cheek piece on both sides for either a right or left hand shooter. Signed on the top flat by contemporary maker D. Rase. Trigger reach is 13-3/4" with a weight of 7.6 pounds.

This underhammer rifle has a 28" tapered octagon barrel by custom barrel maker Lynn Wiemer. The .50 caliber bore is cut rifled with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The bore is bright in as-new condition. The barrel is fitted with a California front sight and rear sight. The rear sight is elevation and windage adjustable by a small hex wrench. The barrel is finished to a smooth rust blue. and is decorated with a double line border around the flats of the barrel at the muzzle, and a decorative border with 2015 date around the base of the rear sight. The barrel can be dismounted by loosening the two small hex driven set screws on the sides of the action.

The color case hardened action has been neatly hand engraved on the tang and around the breech. This ingenious action is very simple, with few moving parts, typical of Yankee Ingenuity from this period. The straight trigger has good trigger geometry, and smooth trigger release. The design has the nipple installed directly into the breech of the barrel with no turns, or angled holes. The English walnut buttstock and forearm were cut from the same blank and display both attractive figure and curl. The walnut stock does display some shrinkage at the heel and toe of the buttplate, as well as at the action where is has pulled away from the metal as it has aged. The stock is shaped with a pistol grip and the forearm has a schnabel tip with ebony inlay. The Swiss style buttplate hooks securely into your shoulder for off hand shooting. As with many Schetzen rifles designed for target shooting the forearm has no provisions for mounting a ramrod on the rifle. A custom made stainless steel ramrod with English walnut handle with ebony inset is included with the rifle. The 8-32 threaded rarmod has a plastic bore guide, brass jagged tip, fouling scraper, and ball puller. Three allen wrenches are also included.

Shaped with a cheekpiece on both sides making it equally suited for a right or left hand shooter. Neatly fitted and finished this pecussion underhammer rifle will serve you well. Order it for a ten day visual inspection. You will be delighted. Else if it does not fit you, return it in unfired condition for same-day refund. Postage is your only risk, when you order any one-of-a-kind gun from Track, whether new, used, or antique.
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